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The Pier-2 Art Center

The Pier-2 Art Center

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What tourist attractions are there in Kaohsiung?

From this website you can view the “Attractions” section. This section has many recommended places to visit, and can help tourists to choose suitable attractions.

I'd like to travel to Kaohsiung, how should I proceed?

You can use the “Travel Guide” section of this website to quickly select the desired tour, consult the website's extensive list of tourist attractions and accommodations.

How can I arrange transportation and accommodation?

Kaohsiung Travel Online provides complete travel and accommodation information, with many categories and clear information to make your sightseeing experience effortless and fulfilling. The accommodation section contains carefully selected lodgings to make your travels safe and stress free.

How can I find out the latest travel information?

All the latest Kaohsiung tourist information can be found in the “Newsletter” section of the Kaohsiung Travel Online. Please consult the website at any time, or subscribe to the RSS feed (for subscription instructions please refer to the information on this website). You can also subscribe to the official Kaohsiung Travel Online Facebook page, which also has all the latest travel information.

Where do the New Year celebrations take place in Kaohsiung?

There are currently two main venues for bringing in New Year in Kaohsiung the Kaohsiung Dream Mall, and E-DA World. Both are very lively Kaohsiung attractions not to be missed. For issues related to transportation please consult the respective websites of Dream Mall Website and E-DA World for first-hand information.

In case of an unforeseen emergency when travelling, who can I call for help?

You can dial 1999 for the Kaohsiung Call Center, which has dedicated staff available 24 hours a day to help deal with your problems. The Tourism Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government is also available for assistance within office hours (09:00-17:00) on +886-7-7995678.

Who can I contact for travel related complaints?

In case of a dispute while traveling, tourists should try to gather the relevant material, such as the tour contract, itinerary, identification, receipts, and payment transfer receipts. This will help the relevant department to process your complaint.

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