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Yanmen Yanyu

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  • Neimen Dist.
Yanmen Yanyu
Yanmen Yanyu ( Misty Rain at the Goose Gate) is one of Neimen's Eight Sights. The mountainous area at the salt-water port in the south-west of Neimen District looks like a flock of geese in flight as a result of the badlands formed by grey lime, grotesque peaks formed by wind and rain over many years, which have been washed into lines by Erren River. The scenery and weather of the Goose Gate is ever-shifting: hot air rises whenever rain falls, mist and rain drizzle into an amazing sight, a dreamlike scene which has been one of Taiwan's 8 Scenic Sights since the Qing Dynasty.
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Neimen Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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