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Dome of Light

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Keziliao (Eziliao) Harbor

  • Blue Riverbank
  • Zihguan Dist.
Keziliao (Eziliao) Harbor
Keziliao Harbor has transformed from a traditional harbor village into a tourist fishing harbor and fish market, with many new types of fish being sold. It's considered the champion of Taiwanese fishing villages, and also plays an important role in producing mullet roe. At Keziliao (Eziliao) Harbor, you can participate in fish market auctions, selecting seafood to your heart's content, and can also wander round to Chihkan Settlement of Ziguan District and appreciate the red-brick three section compound architecture and traditional fishing harbor scenery which can be found there.  Keliziao won first place in the Top Ten Most Charming Fishing Harbors in 2012.
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No.32, Yugang 2nd Rd., Zihguan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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