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Dome of Light

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The Dagangshan Scenic Area

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  • Alian Dist.
The Dagangshan Scenic Area
The Dagangshan Scenic Area spans the 4 districts of Gangshan, Yanchao, Alian and Tianliao, and reaches 312 meters above sea level at its peak. It commands a view over the plains of North Kaohsiung in their entirety. The Area's geography is coral reef limestone, which together with its unique fault structure led to its being included within "the 8 Sights of Fongshan in the Qing era as the Hue of the Trees of Gangshan". The sprawling park is divided into three areas: Ruyi Park, the Religion Area and the Natural Ecology Area, between which all kinds of hiking trails are provided for the public for exercise and recreation, while the back mountain has precious, rare limestone formations.

< Ruyi Park >
   Ruyi Park's entrance, close to Alian District, features a large kids' playpark and grassy area for families. A century-old banyan tree and treehouse is the Park's most arresting sight, and the Dagangshan Longyan Honey Culture Festival is very popular with citizens.

< Religion Park >
Temples can be found all around Dagangshan due to the mountain scenery's freshness and elegance, earning it the name "Taiwan's Buddha Mountain". Chaofeng Temple, more than 200 years old, stands out from the rest and is most famous for being ranked among the Eight Sights of Kaohsiung for "Chaofeng's Evening Bells".

< Dagangshan Nature Ecology Area >
Covering 18ha., the Ecology Area has many winding, shaded forest trails. Walk among them and take in the beauty of Dagangshan, and the ecological ponds dotted around are also great places to see birds and aquatic animals. The Park has abundant natural resources and cultural scenic spots. Gazing down on the lights and fires of Kaohsiung at night is another experience altogether.

< Stone Mother's Milk (Shimuru) and Line of Sky (Yixiantian) >
  Situated within the "back mountain" district of Dagangshan, the Stone Mother's Milk and Line of Sky are accessed through Chaoyuan Temple in Tianlliao District. The limestone deposits behind Bishui Cave have formed stalactites over long periods of time, and the strange site of water running off them in winter is known to locals as stone mother's milk. Walk through the plank road beside the stone mother's milk, and the 2-3 meter ravine which seems to cleave heaven and earth will come into view. Walk inside and you will see the sky form a line.
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Fu'an, Alian Dist., Kaohsiung City 822, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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