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Dome of Light

Dome of Light

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About the Tourism Bureau

Main service items

Main service items

  • Marketing & promotion
  • Industry assistance
  • Activities & events
  • Scenic area management
  • Shoushan Zoo management

Organization structure

Tourism Bureau

  • Ethics Office
  • Maintenance & Management Division
  • Personnel Office
  • Tourism Engineering Division
  • Accounting Office
  • Tourism Development Division
  • Secretary Office
  • Tourism Industry Division
  • The Zoo's management center
  • Tourism Marketing Division


Our vision is to build a friendly tourist city, improve service quality, and overall make the industry more valuable. We have been actively integrating regional marketing resources, setting up more mutual airline routes with other Asian cities, and promoting international cruise ship tours. We shall make Kaohsiung a globally acknowledged, popular tourist city.

  • Build a friendly tourist city
  • Improve service quality
  • Make the industry more valuable
  • Integrate regional marketing resources
  • Set up more mutual airline routes with other Asian cities
  • Promote international cruise ship tours
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