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Kaohsiung Port

Kaohsiung Port

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Kaohsiung Double Decker Bus

Unlike any usual bus, the Kaohsiung Double Decker Bus has an open upper deck. The bus is 12.2 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 4 meters tall, making it the tallest large-sized vehicle in Taiwan. Ahead of all other buses in the country, this bus has an environment-friendly base which helps to reduce carbon emissions. The lower deck contains nine seats, one wheelchair area and some more space for standing passengers. There are 38 seats on the upper deck, 10 of which are in an enclosed air-conditioned zone and 28 of which are in an open-air zone. The front and back bus doors are equipped with an infrared sensor system which prevents passengers from being hurt by closing and opening doors. To ensure the uttermost road safety, the bus even has Lane Departure Warning System and Collision Warning System.
*To ensure passenger and traffic safety, please abide by the following rules:

  1. While the bus is moving, passengers on the upper deck should fasten their seatbelts and may not get up to walk around.
  2. To avoid electric shocks, use of umbrellas is strictly forbidden on the upper deck.

Please consider the information provided on the official Kaohsiung Sightseeing correct in case of any change in this information.

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