JZN Han Pastry House

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JZN Han Pastry House
As the leading brand of Han Bing in Taiwan, in order to increase people's understanding of Han Bing's value and culture, Jiu Zhen Nan has specifically launched the JZN Han Pastry House in 2016. The space, 4,421 m2 in size, houses the corporate headquarter, JZN Story Pavilion, Pastry Shop, JZN Cooking Lab and Book Tower, offering visitors a comprehensive experience to see, read about, make and taste Han Bing. Through the comprehensive experience that engages the five senses, it is hoped that all can enjoy the great flavors of this enduring and delicious pastry and understand the significant culture of seasonal diet that emphasizes the importance of "eating seasonal food according to the solar terms."Pastry Shop is the brand new, experience-oriented store launched by Jiu Zhen Nan. In an elegant, wood-inspired atmosphere, you can select handmade Chinese wedding cakes and gifts or sit down with friends and family to savor the unique favor and taste of Han Bing with a nice pot of finely selected tea.JZN Cooking Lab provides a professional pastry-making experience and offers a series of culinary and baking programs based on seasonal changes and ingredients. Participants can immerse themselves in the fun of cooking and baking in a light-hearted atmosphere and enjoy the beauty and culture of food. We hope that everyone can perceive each season as nature's greatest, richest treasure while savoring delicious food.
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No. 298, Jiexi Rd., Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City (MRT Daliao Station Exit 1)

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Mondays through Sundays, from 10 am to 6 pm

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For baking programs or group visiting, please reserve before 7 days.
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