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Kaohsiung Port

Kaohsiung Port

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Love River Reminiscence

Love River Reminiscence
<Love River Reminiscence> 英譯/江若波
The sky blazes with colors in the sunset
As beautiful as fairy is the couple
When Rosy clouds see off dusk
Love River is like a gold necklace
Hanging on the chest of Kaohsiung
Paste love converged into the river
Flowing and never stopping
It keeps flowing with memories
Waves after waves
Paste images emerged on the river
That was my parents’ journey
When they were yang
That was stunning scenery
When they walked hand in hand
Along the river
They destine to meet again today
Because of mutual impressions before
As usual, boats linger on the river
As usual, birds fly up and down
Waves shinning on the water all are loves
And loves like floating clouds are full of sky
Love River is always on everyone’s mind
Over acid, sweet, bitter, spicy and blend taste
Do it flow
Into the golden future
Do it flow
A river, a poem, and a picture
Pass down a word meaning love
Bite by bite, ups and downs
Love is a permanent era, foreve
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