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Putting everything into revitalizing the economy, Kaohsiung City drives domestic travel via promotional packages!


In the face of the post-pandemic period, Kaohsiung City is putting everything into revitalizing the economy by driving domestic travel! Starting from June 1st, the Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government launched three promotional packages: the “promotional travel package for citizens”, “free entry to 5 major attractions” and “NTD100 off for NTD500 spent in any outsourced attraction in the jurisdiction”. Along with the “Kaohsiung Shopping Festival” by Economic Development Bureau and “discounted entry to cultural parks” by Cultural Bureau, these packages are aimed at stimulating domestic travel.

In addition, the Tourism Bureau has specially asked hotel owners to light up their hotels. With the average temperature of 29 to 32 degrees in Kaohsiung as the concept, in addition to showcasing the warmth of the City, a branding video for the Kaohsiung tourism industry was made with the themes of “the city awakens after the pandemic; comfortable travel; light up the City together; restart city travel” to revitalize Kaohsiung’s tourism industry. The Kaohsiung tourism industry brand video is “Kaohsiung, travels with warmth.”

Mr. Chiu Chun-Lung, the director of the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, said that the “promotional travel package for citizens” is the first of its kind in the country. It gathered support and collated accommodation and meal packages from the Travel Association, Tourist Hotel Association, and Hotel Association. For tourist hotels, there is a promotion of “spend 8000 get 800 back” and the Tourism Bureau offers an additional room upgrade or a breakfast voucher. For normal hotels, the promotion is “8000 for 6 nights stay” and the Tourism Bureau offers an additional night, giving a total of 7 nights stay for NTD8000. In addition, for every night at a hotel in Kaohsiung, the visitor would receive a NTD200 voucher that can be used in the 16 night markets and multiple stores in Kaohsiung.
Director Chiu explained that between June 1st and the end of August, the entry to 5 major attractions: Cijin Shell Museum, Siaogangshan Skywalk Park, Baolai Public Hot Springs, Gushan Cave, and Shou Shan Zoo would be free of charge. In addition, entry to 7 major parks: Hongmaogang Cultural Park, The British Consulate at Takao, Fongyi Academy, Cishan Railway Station, the Center of Old Fongshan City History, Farewell 886 Cultural Park of Taiwan Military Veteran Village and Hamasen Museum of Taiwan Railway would be free of charge on weekdays and at a discounted rate during holidays.
In addition, a discount of NTD100 is given for NTD500 spent at the 16 attractions outsourced by the Tourism Bureau. These include: Siaogangshan Skywalk Park, Jialebi Hai Restaurant, J CAFÉ, Coffee Light, White Container House for Lovers, Cijin Sunset Bar, PAMMA COFFEE, the store at Shou Shan Zoo, trolley service at Shou Shan Zoo, Gondola boat, Zone 767, Wandering Butterfly & Flower Handmade (first floor of Jinshihu Scenic Area Management), Rainbow Church, Lotus Wake Park, 7-ELEVEN (Spring and Autumn Pavilions branch) and Baolai Public Hot Springs. In addition, one can use the receipt to participate in the “Daily NTD50,000 Voucher Lucky Draw”, “Weekly Gold Lucky Draw” and “Monthly Car Lucky Draw” on the “Kaohsiung Shopping Festival” platform. (Official website: https://kcg2020shopping.yocan.com.tw/index.php). It is hoped that Kaohsiung will emerge from the pandemic with a strong economy.

Director Chiu mentioned that to revitalize the economy by driving domestic tourism, the Tourism Bureau gathered more than 30 hotels in Kaohsiung to light up Kaohsiung on May 25th and various promotions were activated from June 1st. Various bureaus of the Kaohsiung City Government worked together and gathered support from the industry to boost Kaohsiung tourism. We welcome all visitors to travel to Kaohsiung! For more information, please visit the Kaohsiung Travel website.
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