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New Ways to Spend a Fun Summer at Shoushan Zoo Highly Recommended New Experience of Sleepover, Tree Climbing and Animal Feeding


As people in Taiwan embrace the new lifestyle of fighting against the pandemic, this summer Shoushan Zoo has launched the “Six New Ways to Have Fun in Shoushan Zoo” with highly recommended new experiential activities such as sleepover, tree climbing, and animal feeding. In addition, there are many more fun things to do. You should visit the zoo during the period of free admission between June 1st and August 30th to spend a fun summer together with friends or family at Shoushan Zoo!
With the “Magical Encounters with Animals” as the main theme, Shoushan Zoo has launched 6 ways to have fun at the zoo this summer. The first theme is the “Performances by Four Major Children’s Theatres”, where 4 well-known children’s theatres are invited to take turns in giving performances during the weekends. The second theme is “Amazing Parade where the Sun Never Sets”, where a mascot parade and YOYO Family meeting are to be launched on August 8th. The third theme is “The King of the Animal Forest Dance Competition”, where dancers are invited to give creative performances in groups to win attractive prizes. The fourth theme is “Animal Forest Adventure Camp”, where a brand new internal sleepover space allows children to explore the Shoushan ecology at night. The fifth theme is “Swinhoe’s Tree Climbing Camp”, where visitors can experience climbing a tree and view the expansive view from the top to feel liberated. The sixth theme is “New Animal Feeding Experience”, where a limited number of visitors are able to feed Boer goats with carrots and make friends with them! You are sincerely welcome to picnic at Shoushan Zoo on a cool summer afternoon while enjoying performances given on the stage and having quality family time.
Mr. Chiu, Chun-Lung, the acting director of the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, said that Shoushan Zoo is offering free admission for the entire summer vacation this year with an extension of opening hours till 6:30 pm on weekends, allowing visitors to visit the zoo in the cooler evenings. The zoo has also launched new activities including animal feeding, tree climbing, and sleepover. In addition to distributing free grass feed at the original period between 10 am and 2 pm, limited carrots are sold for the public to feed the Boer goats! On top of having the experience of feeding Formosan sika deer and scrubbing giant tortoises, the overnight “Animal Forest Adventure Camp” has created a new indoor camping site with a comprehensive upgrade of hardware facilities! The latest tree climbing experiential activity in the zoo allows visitors to view the animal ecology and experience Shoushan Zoo in a different manner.
In conjunction with the triple promotional packages launched by the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government to revitalize its tourism, Shoushan Zoo is offering free admission from June 1st to August 30th this year with an extension of opening hours till 6:30 pm on weekends, as well as giving themed performances every Saturday afternoon. The summer camps are currently open for registration. Please visit the official website and the Facebook page of Shoushan Zoo for more details.

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