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“Kaohsiung’s Top 100 Delicacies” from Kaixuan Night Market Awaits Your Visit


The Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government held the “Kaohsiung’s Top 100 Delicacies” on August 7th and selected 30 stalls as “Taste of Night Market,” of which 18 are from Kaixuan Night Market. On the 7th, the Tourism Bureau actively promoted the delicacies of the night markets, inviting the public to try the selected night market delicacies with the popular triple stimulus vouchers. Kaixuan Night Market even launched the “foodie stalls” and “shopaholic stalls” promotion as well as the “delicacy express” delivery service to enable the public to enjoy delicacies conveniently and affordably .

(one can enjoy a wide variety of night market delicacies with just the NTD200 triple stimulus voucher)

Mr. Chiu, Chun-Lung, the acting director of the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government said that the Bureau is actively promoting Kaohsiung delicacies and has planned the Delicacy Trilogy. Firstly, visitors can travel to Kaixuan Night Market and try the 18 stalls that were selected as “Taste of Night Market,” which include national delicacies like stinky tofu, oyster omelet, scholar cake, grass jelly, and iced tangyuan as well as “Ya = Nai” bubble tea. They are not only affordable, but also convenient with the use of the triple stimulus voucher. Secondly, the Bureau planned to organize a “Delicacy Tasting Tour Group” in late August. The foodies can register and just pay a small amount to taste the top 100 delicacies with foodie experts. Finally, the stalls and stores from “Traditional Stalls, Traditional Taste” and “Taste of Night Market” will be transformed into a foodie map for domestic and foreign visitors to plan a foodie trip in Kaohsiung; the delicacies will leave you with a different type of travel memories.

(use triple stimulus voucher at Kaixuan Night Market to enjoy a wide range of delicacies)

Mr. Liu, Kun-song, the Chairperson of Kaixuan Night Market, said that in response to the Central Government and Kaohsiung City Government policies, Kaixuan Night Market would not only accept triple stimulus vouchers, but also launch “foodie stalls” and “shopaholic stalls” promotion. By paying with stimulus vouchers or mobile payment at the “foodie stalls” in Kaixuan Night Market, a 10% discount will be given for any single purchase over NTD100. For the “shopaholic stalls,” a 20% discount is given when the NTD3000 triple stimulus voucher is used at one go. In addition, the first “Delicacy Express” motorcycle delivery service also provides free delivery until the end of September. By downloading and registering for “iFun Kaohsiung,” one will receive an additional NTD50 worth of points. Using the NTD200 triple stimulus voucher to change for points for the first time along with the additional NTD50, the public can enjoy some special delicacies in the comfort of their homes .
(the delivery service is nice and convenient for those who do not wish to go out)
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