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Kaohsiung Port

Kaohsiung Port

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With Much Anticipation, the “2020 Cijin Black Sand Festival” Will Officially Be Held between September 27th and October 11th


Highlighting “sustainable tourism,” the festival this year will introduce the theme “Black Tide.” Just like how Cijin brought prosperity for Kaohsiung City, black tides nurture ocean life as well. It is hoped that the wide range of activities can raise citizens’ awareness about ocean ecology and create a local “Cijin Island of Art Tourism.”
“Below the Black Tide” ocean-friendly sand sculpture area: guard and preserve marine life.
Praying for Peace & Security | The Returning Tide of environmental sustainability
“Invasion of the Black Tide” Cijin Environmental Art Area: The Starry Night tunnel transforms the underwater world and demonstrates the vitality of Black Tide
“Voice of Black Tide” Sustainable Music Festival on the Beach: Non-stop high-energy music performance given by The Last Day of Summer 831, Accusedfive, HumanHart, as well as singers from the show Jungle Voice 
“Black Tide Fun” Fun Water-Based Activities Area: Every weekend, a series of activities, such as stand up paddling, surfing, Tide market, beach volleyball and Cijin seafood feast, will be given on weekends
For more information, please visit the “2020 Cijin Black Sand Festival” Facebook page
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