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Great Harbor Bridge

It is the first horizontal revolving landscape bridge in Tai...
Travel tips

The one and only in Taiwan! Its rotating operation is a must-see.

A check-in hot spot in the harbor area.

The first horizontally rotating landscape bridge in Taiwan.

The scenery is particularly charming at sunset.

The Great Harbor Bridge market gathers from time to time during holidays

Located next to the Pier-2 Art Center, the Great Harbor Bridge is the first horizontally rotating landscape bridge in Taiwan and the longest cross-port rotating bridge in Asia. Its horizontal operation can be completed within 3 minutes, and the rotation show is held at 3 pm every day. An additional rotation is held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at 7 o'clock. The bridge is also open to pedestrians and people walking their bicycles.
The pristine white Great Harbor Bridge spans 110 meters and has a bridge width ranging from 5 to 11 meters. It can accommodate 550 people and bicycles at the same time. The bridge design is in the image of a shell and dolphin, and its streamlined profile exudes a sense of design. At the center point of the bridge is an observation deck where visitors can look out at the gorgeous urban waterfront of Kaohsiung Port.

The Great Harbor Bridge is located near the Kaohsiung Light Rail Dayi Pier-2 Station, making transportation very convenient. Start by hopping on the light rail at the Kaoshiung Music Center, and cruise along at the leisurely speed of the light rail to the bridge. During holidays, occasional markets offering exciting food, performances and small cultural crafts draw in crowds of visitors. 

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