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Cijin Tianhou Temple

The sea goddess Matsu has been worshipped at Cijin Tianhou Temple for over 300 years. The Temple was Taiwan's first temple to Matsu and is also Kaohsiung's oldest temple. Architecturally, it is a southern-style temple, with two halls, five doors and  two  guard rooms, while temple's roof is a swallow-tail ridge , decorated with two dragons forming an arch over an immortal; it has a simple, rustic air. Many important artefacts have been gathered inside. The temple is Kaohsiung's local religious centre.

Opening Hours: 05:00-22:00

TEL: +886-7-5712115

Address: No.95, Miaocian Rd., Qijin Dist., Kaohsiung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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