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Dadong Arts Center

The Dadong Arts Center, which opened in 2012, is a multifunctional art garden. The Center has the austere aesthetics of the Architectural concrete, the semi-transparent membrane skylight floating in the half-open square like a hot air balloon, bringing light, air and radiant visual beauty. At night, it is decorated with a fountain of light, when myriad splendid colours contend for your attention- this is the Dadong Arts Center's most beautiful focus.

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30

TEL: +886-7-7430011

Address: No.161, Guangyuan Rd., Fengshan Dist., Kaohsiung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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Services & Facilities
  • Introductory Lecture
  • Bus Station
  • Public Restroom
  • Parking Lot
  • Shop
How to Get There
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