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Singda Harbor (Hsingta Harbor)

- Singda Harbor (Hsingta Harbor) - Close to Lovers' Wharf, ...
< Singda Harbor (Hsingta Harbor) >
Close to Lovers' Wharf, after combining local character with tourism and leisure, Singda Harbor has transformed into a new modern fishing harbor. The most famous of the many kinds of fresh seafood available here is the mullet, known as the  "black gold of the sea". Here, the public can see the process of unloading and selling fish, and can also buy fresh, delicious seafood, taking home as much as they want.

< Singda Harbor (Hsingta Harbor) Tourist Fish Market >
The Tourist Fish Market, which stands before the Singda Harbor (Hsingta Harbor) Fishermans' Association building, is occupied by a crowd of dealers selling fresh fish when the fishing boats return at dusk each night. Here buyers can find any kind of fish and seafood snack, cuisine, or hot food, as well as Qieding Township's specialties: mullet roe, fish slices, dried flatfish, shark's fin and fish skin, which are the most popular presents bought by tourists.

< Qieding Binhai Park >
Binhai Park in Qieding Township lies beside Taiwan Highways Route 17 Binhai, occupies an area of around 5 hectares, and is 900 meters in length. Comprehensive viewing platforms and recreational and exercise equipment is provided for visitors' use. Binhai Park connects scenic spots including Singda Harbor (Hsingta Harbor), the Qieding Wetlands, and Lovers' Wharf, so visitors can cycle or walk here and play in the water or appreciate the seaside scenery.

< Singda (Hsingta) Lovers' Wharf, Floating Theater >
Singda Lovers' Wharf in Qieding is suffused with a modern ocean atmosphere, which is most concentrated in the unique white spires which house the floating theater. In the sunlight, it looks like a mighty ship setting sail, while at night, illuminated by many lights, it is splendid and beautiful. Lovers' Wharf provides all kinds of cutting-edge watersports such as sailing and canoing...  Allowing watersport enthusiasts to enjoy breaking waves with the wind at their backs. At night, the tender heart-shaped installation on heart-to-heart Square makes the shades of night by the sea incomparably romantic.

< Future Giant Elephant >
Future Giant Elephant was the highlight of Mayday's 2014 concerts at the Kaohsiung World Games Main Stadium and Hung Hom in Hong Kong. This massive piece of installation art, which is 3.5 meters tall, 6.2 meters long and weighs a ton, symbolizes stability, magnitude, kindness, and will always serve as a guardian amidst sea and wind, retaining the beautiful memories and happiness of love.

Opening Hours: Open Daily

TEL: +886-7-6988233

Address: No.88, Dafa Rd., Qieding Dist., Kaohsiung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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