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Meinong Hakka Museum

Founded in 2001, the Meinong Hakka Museum has taken up the i...
Founded in 2001, the Meinong Hakka Museum has taken up the important mission of preserving and passing on Hakka Culture and history, and revealing the diversity of Meinong's history and culture. Its architectural style, which makes use of Tabaco Building and compound design is plain and rustic. Visitors are provided with rich information on Hakka life and culture through the display space on the second floor, which relates the face of Hakka culture in Meinong and gives an in-depth understanding of the interactive relationship between the nature of a people and its environment presented in these exhibitions.

Opening Hours: THE.-SUN. 09:00-17:00
Closed every Monday, Chinese New Year's Eve and the first day of the Chinese New Year

TEL: +886-7-6818338

Address: No.49-3, Minzu Rd., Meinong Dist., Kaohsiung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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