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Fongyi Academy

Fongyi Academy was constructed in 1814, and is considered a ...
Fongyi Academy was constructed in 1814, and is considered a third-grade heritage site. Constructed by Zhang Tingqin, a candidate for the Imperial Exams, it has 37 rooms, and the academy's internal altars to Wenchang Buddha, Kuichang Buddha, and Changsheng Buddha, as well as desks and chairs; it was a place where prospective examinees took the initial exams, and the largest Confucian academy preserved in Taiwan. The stone drums on both sides of the screen wall and main entrance evince the care taken during initial construction and design. Many cute statues have been added to the garden after the academy was refurbished, and 2 exhibition spaces have been planned, which provide a detailed introduction to the changes which took place in the academy's history and the furnishings it previously contained.

Opening Hours: TUE.-FRI. 10:30-17:30
SAT. and Weekends 10:30-19:30

TEL: +886-7-7405362

Address: No.62, Fongming St., Fengshan Dist., Kaohsiung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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Services & Facilities
  • Introductory Lecture
  • Public Restroom
  • Shop
  • Hiking Trail
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