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Yancheng Peace Memorial Park and 228 Memorial Monument

Modernized landscaping was used to build the Yancheng Peace Memorial Park. A new stele bearing the tale of the 228 Incident has been placed in the Peace Memorial Park beside Love River, and the 168 known casualties of the incident are represented by verdant shrubs which draw people into the memorial activity square. The park as a whole is elegant and solemn, with deep cultural and historic connotations.
  The Yancheng Peace Memorial Park was previously known as Renai Park. It contained a sports centre and also the remains of a bustling popular underground shopping street. After a major fire in 1989, it was refurbished. Trees and plants cover Yancheng Peace Memorial Park and being a pleasant green space, it's the best place for citizens' leisure activities.
Services & Facilities
  • Hiking Trail
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