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Qianzhen Phase 31 Park

Qianzhen of Kaohsiung prospered because of the petrochemical industry. In the early times, Qianzhen Phase 31 Park was a chemical engineering factory that underwent the glory days before the runaway of petrochemical industry. Now, it has become a leisure park for the people. In the park, there is a children’s playground. However, in the blast happened on August 1, 2014 in Kaohsiung, it was demolished and turned into a piece of flatland. Laughter vanished.
In 2015, the first anniversary of the gas blast, the park has returned and “Gathering, a Bamboo and Oyster Landscape Art) emerged. Constructed by Wang Wen-chi, a landscape artist, it is made with 5000 bamboo plates and 250 thousand oyster shells. He constructed a dream ocean city in the disaster area. At night, illuminated by colorful lights, it gives strong healing effects. People can sit, lie, chat, and laugh there to enjoy the tranquility there. Laughter returned.
Gathering, we open our arms to the future

Opening Hours: 2015/10/30~(Scheduled to exhibit for two years). Opened around the clock in all sorts of weather

TEL: +886-7-3336868

Address: Qianzhen Phase 31 Park at the infersection of Yixin 1st Rd and Guanghua 3st Rd, Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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