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Shopping Areas

Be it gifts or souvenirs the shopping district can meet all your needs!

Also known as the “Manhattan of Taiwan”, Sanduo Commercial District and Kaohsiung Arena Shopping District are known for the movie theatres and department stores with boutique fashion. The Jyuejiang Shopping Area, frequented by youths, leads the current trend. If you want to enjoy some delicacies, you should never miss Kaohsiung Central Park Commercial District. When you visit Kaohsiung, you can have a lot of fun just by walking around the shopping districts.
Shopping Heaven

Shopping Heaven

  • Dream Mall
    Dream Mall

    The largest shopping center in Taiwan with a Ferris Wheel, also known as Kaohsiung Eye, that oversees the port city.

  • Taroko Park
    Taroko Park

    As a shopping mall that focuses on sports and recreation, Taroko Park has facilities such as movie theatre and basketball courts. The Suzuka Circuit Park is the only authorized Suzuka Circuit park outside Japan.


    With canopy similar to Venetian Macao Casino, there are open-air markets, theme parks, sports centers, and hotels, providing a comprehensive shopping experience.

It is so Convenient to Shop in the City

It is so Convenient to Shop in the City

  • Shinkuchan Commercial District
    Shinkuchan Commercial District

    Shinkuchan has exotic imports from Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, as well as trendy clothes, accessories, cosmetics, cafes, fast food, and restaurants. It is also near Kaohsiung Central Park Commercial District.

  • Kaohsiung Central Park Commercial District
    Kaohsiung Central Park Commercial District

    In the vicinity of Kaohsiung Central Park and Shinkuchan Commercial District, there are well-known porcelain company, 1300, Hotel Indigo as well as the cultural landmark, Chinese Culture Town. This drove the art tourism, making the commercial district a district of cultural legacy and music.

  • Nanhua Shopping Area
    Nanhua Shopping Area

    Retaining the traditional market form, the Nanhua Shopping Area offers cheap clothing, leather accessories, and other goods. The visitors can taste traditional delicacies and there is also a skylight panel on top of the streets, shading the visitors from sun and rain.

  • Houyi Shopping District

    A clothing street that is more than a thousand meters long and also known as Wufenpu of Kaohsiung. There are Taiwanese, Hong Kongese, Japanese, Korean, European, American, and children style clothing as well as trendy accessories, meeting all your needs.

  • Sanduo Commercial District
    Sanduo Commercial District

    Also known as the “Manhattan of Taiwan”, Sanduo Commercial District is centered on major department stores like SOGO, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, and MegaCity. There are also movie theatres and night markets nearby; it is a must-go place for Kaohsiung citizens.

  • Kaohsiung Arena Shopping District
    Kaohsiung Arena Shopping District

    Kaohsiung Arena Shopping District is centered on Kaohsiung Arena and Hanshin Department Store, and the Rueifeng Night Market nearby is good and affordable. In addition to enjoying shopping and delicacies, visitors can also take a stroll in the park. This has become a place for people in North Kaohsiung to gather together.

  • Jyuejiang Shopping Area
    Jyuejiang Shopping Area

    It used to be a shopping area mainly selling exotic imports; the current Jyuejiang Shopping Area has its Japanese style street filled with merchants, hipster stores, as well as traditional tastes of Taiwan. If you wish to enjoy some tranquility, Jyuejiang is the place to go!

  • Qihou Commercial District
    Qihou Commercial District

    Qijin is the place where one can experience Kaohsiung as a port city. Visitors can stand on the streets filled with the smell of seafood along with merchants selling goods, listening to the whistles from ships, looking at the lighthouse and fort while enjoying the sea breeze.

Commercial Districts with Local Characteristics

Commercial Districts with Local Characteristics

  • Qishan Old Street Commercial District
    Qishan Old Street Commercial District

    Coming to this commercial district is like walking into the old street with Baroque-style architecture and occasionally seeing historical Chinese buildings. When you are at Qishan, the “Kingdom of Bananas”, we recommend you try delicacies like banana egg rolls.

  • Jiaxian Commercial Area
    Jiaxian Commercial Area

    When you are in the hometown of taro, you must try the fragrant and crispy taro cake as well as the deliciously sweet taro ice. In addition, related agricultural products such as taro brittle biscuits are the recommended souvenirs.