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Must-eat Delicacies

Enjoying local gourmet food is a must on a trip.

“Sweet” is the word that represents the sense of taste in southern Taiwan. Kaohsiung is populated by diverse ethnic groups and hence a unique food culture is formed. Through the sophisticated variations thought of by restaurants, local ingredients and produce are turned into authentic Kaohsiung cuisines.
Gourmands’ recommendations

Gourmands’ recommendations

  • Hakka cuisines in Meinong
    Hakka cuisines in Meinong

    Meinong is famous for Hakka cuisine and has inherited special cooking methods from the early days. Mouth-watering dishes such as braised pork with dried bamboo shoots, braised bitter gourd with pineapple sauce, and braised pork knuckle all use rock sugar to intensity the color, and fried shallots to bring out the flavor. Their oily, shiny luster, along with the fragrance of charcoal, and rich aroma of soy sauce provide the savory sweet taste that will not be forgotten for sure.

  • Moon World Mud Chicken
    Moon World Mud Chicken

    In addition to a great spot for sightseeing, the world-renowned mud volcanoes at Tianliao Moon World can also be used to create special meals. Wrap free-range chicken in aluminum foil and then cover the whole thing with volcano mud. Roast it for three hours in a high temperature oven. Crack the mud open with a hammer to reveal the juicy and aromatic kiln-roasted chicken that will surely amaze you with its savory yumminess.

Featured specialties in Kaohsiung

Featured specialties in Kaohsiung

  • Cishan’s Banana
    Cishan’s Banana

    Kaohsiung’s Cishan the “Kingdom of Banana” in Taiwan. Pay a visit to Cishan Old Street and treat yourself to all kinds of banana desserts such as banana eggrolls, banana cakes and banana popsicles!

  • Jiasian’s Taro
    Jiasian’s Taro

    Jiasian is the “Home of Taro.” Taros grown here have soft and delicate texture. Taro cake, taro balls and taro ice made of Jiasian’s taros are all must-eat delicacies.

  • Meinong's White Jade Radish
    Meinong's White Jade Radish

    Meinong is famous for its radishes harvested in autumn. You can experience pulling radishes out by yourself. Meinong's White Jade Radish is delicious whether they are made into cold salad, soup or pickle.

Themed delicacies

Themed delicacies