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Night Markets

Enjoy Delicacies for Pennies

Night market delicacies can be considered the most unique F&B culture of Taiwan. Many visitors have fallen in love with these cheap yet delicious delicacies. In addition to the well-known Liouhe Night Market, do not miss other night markets recommended by the locals!

The 2 Musts in the Night Market

Experience the Boisterous Local Entertainment Culture

The night markets in Kaohsiung are mainly located in easily accessible locations. The main difference with the night markets in northern Taiwan is that there are still traditional games such as ring toss and shoot the balloon. This allows visitors to have fun in addition to tasting delicacies. Come to enjoy the passion of southern Taiwan!

Taste Traditional Delicacies and Fusion Dishes

All night markets in Kaohsiung, be it developed from the markets or formed by roadside stalls, still have traditional delicacies such as Taiwanese churros and Taiwanese meatballs. In addition, there are many creative fusion dishes, and these have become part of the Taiwanese night market culture.

The Top 9 Must-Go Night Markets

  • Rueifong Night Market
    Rueifong Night Market

    Located near the Kaohsiung Arena shopping district, Rueifong Night Market has more than a thousand stalls and receives a huge crowd every evening. Be it the traditional taste that lasts for decades, foreign snacks, creative dishes, or photo-worthy food and beverages, Rueifong Night Market has them all.

    • Opening Hours: Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday 16:00-00:00, closed on Mondays & Wednesdays.
  • Liouhe Night Market
    Liouhe Night Market

    Liuhe 2nd Road is a major road in the day and transforms into a pedestrian precinct in the evening. It is brightly lit, and the stalls are orderly arranged. The short street is filled with seafood delicacies that you must not miss including seafood congee, steamed salt prawn, and mullet gizzard.

    • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday
  • Nanhua Tourist Night Market
    Nanhua Tourist Night Market

    Nanhua Tourist Night Market has kept its market form and is filled with daily necessities as well as clothing and accessories. The traditional delicacies, such as Taiwanese churros and aiyu ice, are common memories of the citizens living there. Nowadays, there is a skylight canopy over the streets, allowing visitors to stroll slowly without worrying about the weather.

    • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00-22:00
  • Zihciang Night Market
    Zihciang Night Market

    Open all year round, Zihciang Night Market offers traditional delicacies from noon to midnight. Delicacies such as steamed dumplings, Taiwanese meatballs, and stewed pork with rice will surely make your mouth water. If you want to taste the most authentic traditional Taiwanese delicacies, this is the place to go!

    • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 16:30-00:00
  • Xingzhong (Singjhong) Night Market
    Xingzhong (Singjhong) Night Market

    Located near the Sanduo Shopping District, the stall owners start to get busy from about 11 in the morning. They help to slow down the pace of life for working adults and students by giving them a place to sit down and enjoy a nice bowl of soup. They use the simplest delicacies to warm the stomach of the locals.

    • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday
  • Zhongxiao (Jhongsiao) Night Market
    Zhongxiao (Jhongsiao) Night Market

    Functioning as a lifestyle street selling fresh produce, clothing, and daily essentials in the day, the night market is transformed into a food street filled with delicacies that cost just pennies. From day to night, Zhongxiao (Jhongsiao) Night Market has become a friendly and warm area for both the residents and the tourists.

    • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 16:00-02:00
  • Guanghua Night Market
    Guanghua Night Market

    When you are at Guanghua Night Market, you can taste delicacies from traditional diners at affordable prices. Be it saltwater noodles, stir-fried eel and cuttlefish, bean curd or eight treasure shaved ice, Guanghua Night Market has it all. Various tastes of southern Taiwan with a tinge of herbal bitterness and sweetness are unique characteristics here.

    • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 17:00-01:00
  • Yide Night Market
    Yide Night Market

    Yide Night Market, which is only open on Monday, is the pocket list of all Kaohsiung citizens. Barbeque sticks, braised food, and various cold beverages form the weekly bliss that the citizens look forward to.

    • Opening Hours: Monday 17:00-23:00, closed on Tuesdays & Sundays.
  • Jilin Night Market
    Jilin Night Market

    Located at the rear entrance of Kaohsiung Railway Station, Jilin Night Market primarily offers snacks. In spite of its unimpressive size, this night market offers a wide variety of food items and has become the No. 1 choice for residents, students, and working adults to have a bite. In recent years, it has also become a popular tourist spot.

    • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 15:00-01:00