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Bring Back Souvenirs from Kaohsiung to Extend the Fun of Travel

In addition to good memories, do not forget to bring back local produce, pastries from well-known local bakeries or creative cultural products that have local characteristics. These souvenirs allow us to relive the joy of traveling after returning home!
The Top Ten Must-Buy Souvenirs

The Top Ten Must-Buy Souvenirs

  • Kaohsiung Bu-Er-Jia Bakery (Omiyage)
    Kaohsiung Bu-Er-Jia Bakery (Omiyage)
    Real Taro

    Established in 1938, the best-known signature for Omiyage is the “Real Taro.” The two rich layers of fresh taro cream mousse are sandwiched between three pieces of sponge cake, giving it a soft, rich, and sweet but not overly sweet taste. In addition to the “Real‧Taro,” the mille-feuille and mung bean pastry are also signature treats of Omiyage.

  • Joy Well Cake Shop
    Chess Pastry

    Joy Well Cake Shop is a traditional pastry store that was established in 1905; the well-known “Chess Pastry” in the area originated here. The 32 pieces of fun pastries that are normally present on the chessboard are perfect matches for a good cup of tea. One can also have some pineapple cake, yolk pastry, and date paste cake with walnut.

  • Wu Chi
    Wu Chi
    Mung bean pastry

    Established in 1937, Wu Chi has maintained the traditional techniques while innovating. Mung bean pastry, double fillings cake, and dried shrimp meat pastry are the three classic pastries of the Wu Chi. By cutting the red flaky pastry, one can see the cross-section of the rich fillings.

  • Hi-Lai Foods Bakeries
    Hi-Lai Pineapple Cake

    The most popular signature in the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel is the “Hi-Lai Pineapple Cake.” Made with select egg and Checheng salted egg yolk, the “Hi-Lai Pineapple Cake” differs from the normal pineapple cake as it has added Italian parmesan cheese, making it crispy on the outside, soft in the inside; it melts in the mouth.

  • Zhenfang Mullet Roe Experience Factory
    Mullet Roe

    What gives mullet roe the amusing slightly sticky texture? The experiential lesson at Zhenfang Mullet Roe Experience Factory will enable you to understand the culture of the mullet roe industry first-hand.

  • Lede Social Enterprise
    Lede Social Enterprise
    Red Quinoa Tea Snack Series

    The most popular red quinoa tea snack series is a souvenir series suitable for people of all ages. When red quinoa is paired with ingredients such as turmeric, maqaw (mountain pepper), salted egg, a natural and indigenous taste is formed.

  • Faxian. Shan Cha
    Honey Black Tea – whole leave tea bags

    Non-toxic and non-intensive land management was adopted. The wild tea plantation using natural methods allows the people to taste the goodness of Taiwan’s forests through a sip of the tea.

  • Photo by LE PONT

    Golden Goose Fat Noodle

    The red scallion locally grown in Taiwan is fried with extracted goose fat and then removed and cooled. Each bottle of the golden goose fat with scallion is extremely fragrant and has a rich taste.

  • Mama Mi Ya mama goods
    Pure. Scallop Sauce

    Insisting on shredding each scallop with pristine hands, the store enables the sauce to simmer slowly in order to bring out the fragrance and maintain the true taste and texture of the ingredients.

    Purchase online or order via phone.

  • Bao Dao Di Yi Wei (The Best Taste of Taiwan)
    Bao Dao Di Yi Wei (The Best Taste of Taiwan)
    YuHerPau Lychee Wine Sausage

    The sweetness of YuHerPau lychee and the juice of the sausage explode in the mouth with just one bite. It is highly recommended for visitors to taste the sausage at the physical store.

    Official website
Bring Along the Local Creative and Cultural Products

Bring Along the Local Creative and Cultural Products

  • Photo by Leaffree

    Kaohsiung Impression Tea Maker

    By incorporating the port city characteristics of Kaohsiung in the tea maker with distant scenes such as 85 Sky Tower and the Ferris Wheel engraved on the filter , the Kaohsiung atmosphere has been fully recreated.

    Official website
  • SKB Wen Ming Fountain Pen
    Kaohsiung Dragon and Tiger Pagodas Pen

    Established in Yancheng, SKB Wen Ming Fountain Pen collaborates with Kaohsiung-loving illustrator to create pens with Dragon and Tiger Pagodas and Yancheng Street milk tea as the themes, which allows people to experience parts of Kaohsiung even when writing and drawing.

    Official website
  • YouR Micro-Sized Building Block
    YouR Micro-Sized Building Block
    Build. Taiwan – Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

    Kaohsiung City’s classic Dragon and Tiger Pagodas can be reconstructed from micro-sized building blocks, allowing people to admire it from every angle.

    • +886-7-777-7657
    • Physical store: KRTC Shop Kaohsiung Station, 85 Sky Tower Gift Shop. Please refer to the official website for more information.
    Official website
  • Shi Po Tian Jin Creative and Cultural Boutique
    Eternal Love

    The skillful indigenous craftsmen transform slate, which is used to construct slate houses, into artwork. Through sanding, polishing and carving, the slate shows a delicate texture.

    • +886-935-450-757
  • Monkey Design
    Seal Postcard – Stroll in Kaohsiung

    A wooden postcard that has the triple functions of seal, display and postcard, enables you to write, assemble and affix the seal at one go!

    • +886-7-285-1778
    • No. 47, Minzhu Road, Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City
    Official website