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Kaohsiung Pass launched its global sales in Hong Kong

Post date:2015-06-26
Kaohsiung Pass launched its global sales in Hong Kong01
Kaohsiung Pass launched its global sales in Hong Kong
2 nights get 1 free pass, attracting thousands of visitors to southern Taiwan
(Kaohsiung) “The whole city is my wonderland!”  Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau and Taiwan Visitors Association held a press conference on Kaohsiung Tourism 2015 at Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre, Hong Kong today (12).  Director Hsu Chuan-sheng announced an annual goal of 5000 visitors from Hong Kong and Macau and introduced “Kaohsiung Pass” which was shown for the first time in Hong Kong and will go global.  Kaohsiung is collaborating with Pingtung and Penghu to expand their tourist resource and capacity for the global visitors.  “Kaohsiung Pass” was also endorsed by mascot Tall Bear (Kao-hsiung) in the venue to promote it.  The all in one “Kaohsiung Pass” is good for MRT, trains, light rail, buses, ferries, and gondola, etc.  Visitors are encouraged to prolong their stay in Kaohsiung.
Director Hsu Chuan-sheng said “Kaohsiung Pass” was originally an i-Pass card for Kaohsiung MRT.  In order to serve the large number of visitors, it has been transferred to a new tourism product, an all-in-one pass, valid for transportation, lodging, traveling, and eating.  Visitors can use the card to arrange their trips on internet or apps as well as to buy discounted products in advance.  Visitors can also use it for cross-services, including MRT, buses, ferries, solar power boats, public bikes, Taiwan Tour Bus, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, sightseeing taxi, car rental, and more. Simply by using “Kaohsiung Pass,” the whole city becomes a huge playground for visitors.  You may also explore more creative use of this card in getting more fun and the most hospitable services in Kaohsiung.
During the conference today, Director Hsu announced that every visitor who stays in Kaohsiung for two days or more could get a Kaohsiung Pass for free.  There are 1000 cards to offer and he believed visitors will enjoy and have more fun in Kaohsiung.  In addition, Kaohsiung Pass is good for visitors to arrange their package tours in accordance with the seasonal festivals or the seasonal themes.  Kaohsiung has designed a “Harbor City Farmer” package to meet Hong Kong’s recent need of urban famer experience.  Visitors from Hong Kong can enjoy being urban farmers at Kaohsiung in just 90 minutes.

 Entitled “Pretty Kaohsiung, Pretty Fun”, a briefing on “Fun at Kaohsiung” was also presented in the conference to attract tourism personnel and media explore the new appeals, creative cultural industry, gourmet foods, tours, shopping, and more of Kaohsiung.  After the briefing, Director Hsu presented “Kaohsiung Pass” to each of the participants.  “Kao hsiung” (tall bear), the mascot of “Kaohsiung Pass” had promoted Kaohsiung in the international arena for the first time.  The mascot’s cute look has represented the image of Kaohsiung faithfully.  It attracted much attention of the participants, many of whom took pictures with its cardboard cutouts.
Kaohsiung Pass launched its global sales in Hong Kong 01
Picture 3: Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau and travel agents presented the Kaohsiung Pass with kao hsiung (tall bear) in the international arena
Kaohsiung Pass launched its global sales in Hong Kong 02
Picture 1: The Harbor City Farmer invited by Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau attracted the attention of Hong Kong visitors 
  • Kaohsiung Pass launched its global sales in Hong Kong01