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K.P.P. Taiwan Pass offer you extra bonus. Mayor Chen Chu welcome wise traveling in Kaohsiung.

Post date:2015-07-29
K.P.P. Taiwan Pass offer you extra bonus.
Mayor Chen Chu welcome wise traveling in Kaohsiung.
“K.P.P. Taiwan Pass” is the first web business platform that offers convenient purchase of eating and lodging in Taiwan.  Integrated about 1000 tourist service businesses in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and Penghu, “K.P.P. Taiwan Pass” has been sold to consumers more than 10,000 in the first week after launched and can be re-used by top-up extra money into the card.  This morning, Kaohsiung City Government held a celebrating activity by the Love River.  Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu and the Fun Ambassador, Wu Feng (Rifat), broke the ice sculpture to celebrate the sales record of 10,000 cards.  In the venue, they also announced extra bonus that “K.P.P. Taiwan Pass” offers.
Mayor Chen said, “K.P.P. Taiwan Pass” integrates the sightseeing resources of Kaohsiung and other two counties and offers 7 golden tour packages.  With the card, you can travel around these places easily and have better sightseeing qualities. Especially during summer, there are all kinds of activities such as Biking at Meinung, Sand Carving at Cijin, Dagangshan Longan Honey Cultural Festival, Tianliao Moon World, and more.  All these activities are good for visitors at all ages for the whole day.  Everyone is welcome to travel starting from Kaohsiung in the morning and go on playing around in Pingtung and Penghu.  “K.P.P. Taiwan Pass” is indeed a powerful tool for travel. 
Chen Chu pointed out that in recent years, Kaohsiung has put a lot of efforts to promote its sightseeing industry.  By investing in major construction projects, Kaohsiung hopes to upgrade hotels, recreation sightseeing spots, and leisure business.  Currently, new airlines were introduced to Kaohsiung such as Vanilla Air of Japan, Scoot of Singapore, Asia Airlines of Malaysia, and Tigerair of Taiwan.  This also presents strong evidence that the business and sightseeing market of Kaohsiung is blooming.  Meanwhile, the first light-rail track in Taiwan will be tested on 21 July in Kaohsiung.  Various public transportation systems surely will add extra value to Kaohsiung’s tourism.
Tourism Bureau indicated, “K.P.P. Taiwan Pass” has opened up a new era for tourism with extra bonus, which includes 15,000 Fun Passports to the first time buyer, lucky lots draw every month until the end of the year.  All who purchase the golden tour packages with “K.P.P. Taiwan Pass” will get a chance to win the grand prize of international plane tickets, hotel president suites, and more at the total value of NT$400,000.
“K.P.P. Taiwan Pass” can be purchased and used in different ways.  You can buy it on the platform of GOJET e-Ticket System by just click on the “K.P.P. Taiwan Pass” page.  The purchase can be paid by credit card or ATM.  After settling the fares, choice can be made to have the card sent to you by mail or pick up at any Kaohsiung MRT station.  You can also buy it at our dealers in person.  For further details, please visit the GOJET e-Ticket System website: http://gojet.krtco.com.tw.
K.P.P. Taiwan Pass offer you extra bonus01.jpg
Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau presents the K.P.P. Taiwan Pass, presents extra bonuses of Fun Passport and coupons to visitors
K.P.P. Taiwan Pass offer you extra bonus02.jpg
Riding on a gondola on Love River with K.P.P. Taiwan Pass on “River-Harbor One-day Tour”
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