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The “Kaohsiung Bear-Hero” shows up in Malaysia International Travel Mart attracting much attention with its rap and street dance

Post date:2015-08-31
The “Kaohsiung Bear-Hero” shows up in Malaysia International
Travel Mart attracting much attention with its rap and street dance
2015年馬來西亞國際旅遊展(Malaysia International Travel Mart) takes place from today (14) to 16 for three days at the 「谷中城」(Mid Valley) of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. This exhibition attracts many cities in the world. Kaohsiung City and Pingtung County are also participating in it together, promoting themselves in the tourism market in Southeast Asia. The “Kaohsiung Bear-Hero” (Kaohsiung) the tourism ambassador of Kaohsiung raps and dances to promote the tourism of Kaohsiung, is attracting much attention in the show. It is also successful in marketing Kaohsiung with the cutest image in the venue.
Sponsored by Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association (MCTA), Malaysia International Travel Mart has been held for 14 years since 2001, attracting a few dozens of participants from various countries around the world. This year, it is estimated the exhibition will attract 70 thousand visitors. In the venue, most of them are Chinese living in Kuala Lumpur, making communication convenient. Moreover, they show a high interest in visiting Chinese-speaking countries.
In the opening speech, Hsu Chuan-Sheng expressed that, according to the statistics of the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication, among the Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia has the highest number of visitors to Taiwan. In 2014, the Malaysian visitors to Taiwan had an increase of 11.39% when compared with those in 2013. In July this year, 亞航(Airasia), one of the budget airlines in Asia, opened up a new direct route from Kuala Lumpur to Kaohsiung. Targeting the increasing number of visitors and students between these two places, it has opened up the new Southeast Asian market for Kaohsiung. It is estimated that there will be an increase of 20 thousand visitors every year. Hsu Chun-sheng also expects there will be an increase of 10% in Malaysian visitors to Kaohsiung.
Hsu Chung-sheng said, Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, AirAsia, Welcome Holiday, and 馬來西亞親善旅行社(Malaysian Harmony) cooperate to offer special discounts to visitors in order to attract more Malaysian visitors to Kaohsiung. Each of the visitors purchasing the AirAsia’s tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Kaohsiung will be presented with a K.P.P. Taiwan Pass and a tourist passport. With the limited number of 300 gifts, it’s first come, first served.
As the sightseeing ambassador of Kaohsiung – the “Kaohsiung Bear-Hero” is also very popular in the show. With agile movements and rhythmic tune, it rapped “Kaohsiung, Gorgeous” attracting much attention. The “Kaohsiung Bear-Hero” also performed with the students from the indigenous people class from I-Shou University to promote the enthusiastic indigenous cultures of Taiwan, winning loud applause. Their efforts earned Kaohsiung the cutest marketing image in the venue. 
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Kaohsiung Bear-Hero02.jpg