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Kaohsiung Bear promotes Kaohsiung tourism in Osaka

Post date:2015-09-29
Kaohsiung Bear promotes Kaohsiung tourism in Osaka
Visited Tennoji Zoo in Japan and invited Japanese friends to visit Shoushan Zoo in Kaohsiung
(Osaka) Kaohsiung Bear-Hero appeared on Osaka’s streets in these couple of days to promote the tourism of Kaohsiung. Hoisting the slogan “We welcome you to visit Kaohsiung,” it strode along the most crowded areas in the city, including Tennoji Zoo, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi Bridge, Nara Park, the City of Osaka, Tempozan Ferris Wheel, and more. Wherever it visited, it always attracted many people trying to take pictures with it. Impressed by its cuteness, it stirred up the streets in Osaka.
“Kaohsiung Bear-Hero” is the ambassador of Kaohsiung tourism. To promote Kaohsiung into an international resort, it had just visited Singapore, Malaysia, and more. Then, it went to famous sightseeing spots in Osaka, Japan to introduce Kaohsiung with flash mobs. In return, it also brought back its experiences of traveling around the magnificent ancient capital of Osaka to Kaohsiung, expecting to conduct further exchanges in the future.
In this trip, Kaohsiung Bear’s mission was to introduce Kaohsiung to more people in Japan. To achieve this goal, it visited the Tennoji Zoo, Osaka, which celebrated its centenary during the bear’s visit. It invited the visitors to join the interactive game to introduce Kaohsiung. To show its hospitality, it also presented 100 pineapple shortcakes to Tennoji Zoo to congratulate its centenary. Moreover, it also invited the Japanese friends to visit Shoushan Zoo in Kaohsiung. Then, it went to Nara Park, where it took a rickshaw and fed the deer herds. The tall and round Kaohsiung Bear was even more eye-catching than the bears, attracting many people to take pictures with it. As to the famous resorts of Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi Bridge, they are the downtown areas selling Japanese style souvenirs and fashion. During the daytime, they are vivid, packed with people. During the nighttime, the featured restaurants and the sightseeing boats on the river at Dotonbori always charm many international visitors. In the ancient capital of Nara, although there are not many sightseeing spots, the deer herds running wild on the mountains and the annual burning mountain capital bring many trade opportunities to the city. The traditional dance shows and the sweepers dressed in the costumes of samurai are innovative means of marketing this old town. More importantly, their hospitable services and convenient traffic network are the major contributing factors for the success in Japan’s tourism.

During this trip, the Kaohsiung Bear reaped handsomely. As a result, Kaohsiung Bear hopes to learn more about international tourism marketing in each promotional trip. Promoting Kaohsiung’s renown, it endeavors to fulfill its mission of being the ambassador of Kaohsiung’ tourism. 
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