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Hokkaido Air Do airline to fly southern Taiwan

Post date:2015-11-23
Hokkaido Air Do airline to fly southern Taiwan
Kaohsiung-Eastern Hokkaido charters flights starting November
[News from Kaohsiung, Hokkaido International Airlines (Air Do) is coming to Kaohsiung! Following to the twice-per-week charter links between Taipei and Hokkaido launched in 2014, this year Air Do is eyeing the southern Taiwan market and launching two direct charter flights per week between the Memanbetsu and Kushiro airports in eastern Hokkaido and Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung is currently linked to Japan through 94 weekly flights to five major destinations: Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, Sapporo, and Kumamoto. The direct connection with eastern Hokkaido extends this coverage. The inaugural flight will bring in 160 Japanese tourists, and will also offer convenience to people in southern Taiwan who wish to travel around Hokkaido.
Air Do is an airline headquartered in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. This is the company's second international charter flight. Currently a total of four flights in both directions are planned, with Hokkaido-Kaohsiung flights on November 19 and 24, and Kaohsiung-Hokkaido flights on November 20 and 23. In cooperation with local travel agencies, Air Do offers three packages (“Explore Kaohsiung in 5 1/2 Days” is one of them) with guided tours to Lianye Lake, Shoushan, and other destinations favored by Japanese tourists. Kaohsiung City Government Tourism Bureau director Xu Chuansheng said that Kaohsiung and Japan share deep historical ties, its port development and urban planning being closely related to Japan. Taiwanese-Japanese tourism exchanges are picking up, especially since southern Taiwan’s mild and pleasant winters make Kaohsiung and its environs an excellent choice for Japanese tourists to avoid the cold winter at home.
Commissioned by Air Do, domestic travel agency JTB offers 5-day-4-night packages starting from November 20: “Happy Eastern Hokkaido – Crane Sky Culinary trip”, “Romance on the Ice – Romantic Milky Way Refined Trip”, “Winter Starry Night Sky - Shiretoko Wonderland Romantic Hike”. These in-depth tours to the last uncharted land of Japan do not start from the usual New Chitose Airport but from dedicated charter flights to Memanbetsu and Kushiro airports in eastern Hokkaido, which saves the need for long-distance transfers and allows for more time to enjoy the stunning landscape and the fresh air. For further detail, please visit http://www.jtbtaiwan.tw/ or contact JTB Taiwan at Tel. (02) 2568-3877.