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New spot for taking wedding photos – Happiness Garden at Chengcing Lake

Post date:2015-12-12
New spot for taking wedding photos
Happiness Garden at Chengcing Lake
Redecoration completed!
Redecoration project of the Eucalyptus Citriodora Trail, Happiness Garden landscape, poet’s trail, and Round-lake Trail have been completed in mid-November in 2015, presenting magnificent views to visitors.
Chengcing Lake Scenic Area occupies the area of about 375 hectares, among which the area of 103 hectares is the lake. In the park, the lake is gorgeous and scenery splendid. It is one of the most famous sightseeing resorts in southern Taiwan, renowned as “The West Lake in Taiwan.” With dense forests filled with diverse natural ecology, the green plants and trees by the blue lake are magnificent. It is one of the visitors’ most favorite sightseeing spots in Kaohsiung.
In the course of time and space, many of the facilities in the garden became obsolete. Because of this, the plan to redecorate and revive the old racks and redesign the trails has been launched. With the concept of integrating the natural ecology and art in the garden, it will become a new spot for taking wedding photos. A more romantic and LOHAS environment is created to provide better and softer leisure space. Constructing local cultural environment, humane facilities, and ecological greens, it provides more sightseeing spaces in Kaohsiung so that it will become better and better. At last, it accomplishes Mayor Chen Chu’s political idea of Kaohsiung in constructing a happier Greater Kaohsiung Area.