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Kaohsiung South Cross-Island Highway Marathon

Post date:2015-12-23
Kaohsiung South Cross-Island Highway Marathon
Launching next year. Sign up ardently
(Kaohsiung) Co-sponsored by Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government and Council of Indigenous Peoples, the Kaohsiung South Cross-Island Highway Marathon 2016 will be launched on January 31 next year at Liuguei and Taoyuan in Kaohsiung. There will be three tracks: Eagle Marathon (42.5km), Fly Squirrel Semi-marathon (22km), and Healthy Boar Run (5km). All runners will run along Tai-Route 20 and High-133. Along the roads, the landscapes are magnificent, and the air is fresh, highly suitable for outdoor sports lovers. It is nice and healthy to do sports when sightseeing. It will promote local trade opportunities too.
Since the opening for sign up, it has attracted about 3000 enthusiastic road runners. The sponsors have opened up more vacancies especially for semi-marathon and healthy road running lovers. Sign-up will end on December 7. Road running lovers are recommended to take the last opportunity. Among the marathon entries, Mr. Wang from Jenwu 85 expressed that he can enjoy the landscapes of the South-Cross Highway when running along it. In the athletes’ night, all participants can enjoy the songs and meals of the indigenous peoples. It is such a good deal. We all expect it to come soon. 
The Tourism Bureau expressed that all the athletes can join the “Athletes’ Night” free. The contest will provide them with medals, sportswear, and towels. There will also be lucky draw lots in the gala. As it is a high-mountain road running event, it will be helpful to the sightseeing businesses in Baolai area. It is hoped that participants will travel around Baolai and taste the feature meals there. All the contestants are encouraged to have their meals in local restaurants after the race. No light meal or lunch box will be provided so that participants will have chances to taste the delicious dishes there to promote the production value.
The routes in this marathon include Tai-Route 20 and High-133. Tortured by Typhoon Morakot all the roads and bridges were almost completely destroyed in 2009. With years of efforts, Kaohsiung City Government has fully restored the bridges in Qinhe Road section in Taoyuan. The roads are now clear and safe. It will surely leave good impressions on and memories for all the participants. For further details, please visit the website: www.kh-nhrun.tw.