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Tourism Bureau cultivates tourism and trade show talents

Post date:2017-05-11
In response to the globe’s tourism trends and the government’s New Southward Policy, Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau just held the opening ceremony of the “Kaohsiung City Training Course for Cultivating Foreign Language Professionals at Tourist Events and Trade shows.” The bureau’s director Tseng Tsi-wen, at the ceremony, especially welcomed domestic and foreign students who registered in this course to promote tourism in Kaohsiung with her. She said that she knew the students love the city’s culture. Tseng then encouraged the students to apply what they learn from the training when they provide services to the international buyers and guests attending tourist events and trade shows in the near future.
Director Tseng said that because trade shows are quite popular these days, it is urgently needed to cultivate professional receptionists, guides and marketing staffers for the fairs. In fact, tourist activities and trade shows have both been the city government’s center of attention in recent years, and the number of attendants of these occasions has indeed increased. It is therefore necessary to integrate resources in the public and private sectors together, such as cultivating young professionals in the tourism and trade sectors to promote Kaohsiung.
Tseng further pointed out that the course content includes trade show planning, onsite activity management, guided tour skills, trade show service etiquettes, and introduction to Kaohsiung’s tourism and trades and Taiwan’s tourist resources. Experts in different fields have been invited to give lectures. The attendants are mostly local and international students majoring in foreign languages, tourism, trade shows and hospitality. Because of the New Southward Policy, foreign students who speak Southeast Asian languages have especially been invited to take part, including 50 students from Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. This shall help Kaohsiung to make preparations for business opportunities which come along with large-scale trade shows, to provide the best services possible to all who join the trade shows, and to make Kaohsiung an excellent international tourist city.
Other than holding the four-day training course, this time the city government will also organize one-site practices relating to international trade shows when the course is over, with support from the Kaohsiung Association of Travel Agents. Through “learning by doing,” the course attendants shall know how to fulfill the needs of international buyers and tourists more. The training course is expected to benefit schools, businesses and the government at once.
Tourism Bureau cultivates tourism and trade show talents
Tourism Bureau cultivates tourism and trade show talents
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  • Tourism Bureau cultivates tourism and trade show talents