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By introducing driverless buses, Kaohsiung becomes even more ecofriendly

Post date:2017-06-11
A test run of driverless shuttle buses was held on the 7th in Kaohsiung. This is the first time vehicles of this kind were introduced to Taiwan. Kaohsiung mayor Chen Chu took a ride and highly acknowledged this comfy transport option.
Chen said that in recent years the city government has devoted to making Kaohsiung an eco-aware city suitable for living. She and her team plan to introduce more types of green, low-carbon transport means so as to minimize pollution, meet international carbon reduction standards, and make green transport a part of people’s daily life.
The mayor especially thanked the German Institute, French Office in Taipei, European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan, Ministry of Transport and Communications, and ASE Group for their kind assistance. She also noted that the driverless shuttle buses will be displayed at the EcoMobility World Festival 2017, to tell the world that Kaohsiung will keep installing more green transport infrastructure in the future. Mayor Chen invited all members of society to visit Kaohsiung in October when the festival is held. Free rides of the driverless shuttle buses will be offered then, in addition to many other innovative eco-mobility services.
The Tourism Bureau said the driverless shuttle buses which the city government introduced to Kaohsiung were jointly produced by high-tech company 7Starlake and French driverless vehicle manufacturer Easymile, using lithium-ion battery batteries. The buses can travel 40 km per hour at the most and when fully charged they can drive 10 km at once. They slow down or just stop when sensing an obstacle in the way during a trip. The buses ride smoothly both on a straight path and when they have to take a turn. There are six seats in each bus and some space for six more standing passengers. In total, each bus can take 12 people. 
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  • By introducing driverless buses, Kaohsiung becomes even more ecofriendly