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Kaohsiung promotes tourism in Hong Kong

Post date:2017-06-16
Hong Kong and Macao are Kaohsiung’s second largest source of international visitors, just after Japan. According to the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, up to 190,000 visitors from Hong Kong and Macao came to Kaohsiung as of April 2017, 72% more than last year. As a result, on the 16th, taking the theme of “summer parties in Kaohsiung,” the Bureau’s director Tseng Tsi-wen, “four kings and a queen,” popular Hong Kong illustrators JieJie & UncleCat who once lived in Taiwan, and 18 hotel, travel agency and souvenir shop representatives all went to the Causeway Bay to hold a fair to promote tourism in Kaohsiung, showing the city’s beautiful scenery and delicious food at once to the press and the industry counterparts there.
Tseng especially introduced Cijin Black Sand Festival in Kaohsiung on behalf of Kaohsiung’s tourism sector, and said that Kaohsiung is a hospitable and vivacious city. It is being equipped with more and more public facilities and its tourist services are improving by day.
The Tourism Bureau has designed tours that feature costal Hamaxing, cultural Meinong, culinary Yancheng and nostalgic Erzhailiao, with support from Kaohsiung Wild Fun Life, Iris Home, 3080s and Ziguan Fishermen’s Association. The tours will be hosted by local travel agencies in the near future just so that Hong Kong and Macao visitors may enjoy more travel options.
While attending the evening banquet for Hong Kong’s tourism business owners, director Tseng shared desserts from Kaohsiung with the guests and gave them squash lamps produced by Da-Ai 88 Studio of Shanlin as gifts. She also introduced a variety of fun water and land activities for the summer in Kaohsiung, to help the guests learn more about the city. Travel packages (flight + hotel) will also soon be available for tourists to choose from.
高雄夏party 合照
高雄夏party 局長致詞
高雄夏party 大合照
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  • Kaohsiung promotes tourism in Hong Kong