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Kaohsiung celebrates the nation’s birthday

Post date:2017-10-09
The 2017 National Birthday Celebrations in Kaohsiung were featured by boat-shaped floats full of the city’s agricultural and fishery produce, as well as cultural objects. The internationally-renowned Neimen Songjiang Martial Arts Troupe was also invited to take part. Shouting “Who Ha” vivaciously, the members showed to the attendants Kaohsiung’s natural scenery and cultural legacy.
Chen Chu, the mayor of Kaohsiung, thanked Kaohsiung’s residents for making the city a charming place. A former industrial city, now Kaohsiung has become a great place to live. More port-side facilities are being built and this makes Kaohsiung a city of potential for young people, too. Of course, to visitors from around the world, Kaohsiung is worth a good visit!

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  • Kaohsiung celebrates the nation’s birthday