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It is real! “Getaway to Kaohsiung”, the Kaohsiung tourism theme song, wins the Telly Awards

Post date:2020-05-28
It is real! “Getaway to Kaohsiung”, the Kaohsiung tourism theme song, wins the Telly Awards

Another piece of great news for Kaohsiung international tourism! “Getaway to Kaohsiung”, the 2020 Kaohsiung tourism theme song created jointly by the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, and Namewee, a well-known Malaysian singer-songwriter, has brought us some excellent news. It was named the Best Online General Music Video of the Year, producing the best effect of promoting Kaohsiung City Tourism.2020美國泰利獎

Since its premiere in February, “Getaway to Kaohsiung”, which is written, directed and acted by Namewee, received more than 1.24 million views in 2 days and became the most viewed YouTube video in Taiwan for that week. It had more than 2.7 million views as of the end of May. And along with the promotion from other channels, it has reached more than 5 million people worldwide. It has become the top Taiwanese tourism promotional video with its excellent results.金獎
Mr. Chiu, Chun-Lung, the director of the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government said that Namewee’s “Getaway to Kaohsiung”, widely viewed worldwide, has attracted the attention of both domestic and overseas tourists. Many netizens commented that they would visit Kaohsiung after the pandemic is over. Namewee once said that this music video was the result of the sweat and blood of the whole team and he would use it to participate in various international film festivals. His effort indeed brought rewards when the “Getaway to Kaohsiung” MV won the Gold Award for Best Online General - Music Video and silver award for best TV Music Video in the 2020 Telly Awards today (May 28th). The video has brought the honors of one gold award and one silver award for Taiwan and Kaohsiung.銀獎

Established in 1978, the Telly Awards is also known as the “Oscars for American TV programs” that celebrates the production of excellent TV programs, short films, advertisements, and other videos. It receives more than 15 thousand applications from all over the world annually; a lot of them were produced by well-known film production companies and TV networks, such as HBO and Netflix. It is indeed the pride of Taiwan and also Kaohsiung that the MV could stand out among all the excellent work submitted.

The last Telly awardee from the Taiwanese entertainment industry was Mayday in 2018 and their MV only won the “Best Visual Effect Award – Gold Award” and “Best Director Award – Bronze Award”. “Getaway to Kaohsiung”, the Kaohsiung theme song, won the Gold Award for Best Online General - Music Video and this is the first glowing account in Taiwan. By combining Namewee’s creativity and the charm of the international tourism of Kaohsiung, the video has won the judges’ hearts. Director Chiu further pointed out that he is grateful for the international honor that Namewee has brought to Kaohsiung, bringing Kaohsiung tourism onto the international stage. He also looks forward to the next collaboration with Namewee to create a spark that gains international recognition.

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