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Water sports enthusiasts gather at Love River to celebrate the grand opening of “Love River Water Party”

Post date:2020-11-28
Water sports enthusiasts gather at Love River to celebrate the grand opening of “Love River Water Party”
The grand opening of “Love River Water Party” was held on November 28th at Kaohsiung’s Hexi Road Parkway beside Love River. Kaohsiung City Mayor Chi-Mai Chen officiated the event and started the ball rolling with a series of water activities and competitions. Representatives from industry, government and academia who worked together to promote water sports also witnessed the opening of water activities in Kaohsiung City’s Love River and the public’s regaining of access right to the River. Visitors are welcome to experience for themselves a different Love River.
陳其邁市長接受媒體聯訪陳市長鳴笛啟動愛河親水體驗活動Mayor Chi-Mai Chen said, in line with the spirit of “Saluting the Ocean” promoted by the Executive Yuan, Kaohsiung encourages “Returning the River to the People”. The government has loosened relevant laws and regulations to allow the public to sign up and take part in the water activities, whereas in the past, they needed to apply in advance. He also thanked Kaohsiung Branch Chief Mason Yu of the American Institute in Taiwan, the City’s legislators, and representatives from various associations and societies, in joining the Love River Water Party, which provides more opportunities for the public to engage in water activities. Besides officiating the opening ceremony for the water activities in the afternoon, the Mayor also tried canoeing and bartending, and visited the bazaar, followed by a toast with more than a hundred people in celebration of the opening of the Love River Beer Garden.
還河於民親水排隊活動啟動愛河親水派對開幕演出According to the Director of the Tourism Bureau, Chou, Ling-Wen, in line with the Mayor’s policies, the Tourism Bureau will be holding the “Love River Water Party” by the Love River for two consecutive weekends (11/28 - 29, 12/5 - 6) from 10:00 to 17:00. Following that, “Neon Party” bazaar and “Love River Beer Garden” will be open from 16:00 to 21:00; more than a hundred brands of beer will be offered for the public to enjoy.
陳其邁市長於市集親自調酒百人共同舉杯歡慶愛河啤酒花園開幕During the first stage, the water area from Kaohsiung Bridge to Qixian Bridge will be opened; the area opens daily from 10:00 am to 17:30 pm. To safeguard visitors, several lifebuoys are placed along the two 40-meter-long banks of the Love River, and notices and s are also set up at the entrance points. The riverside security patrol frequency will be increased, and lifeguards will be deployed to ensure the safety of those engaging in the water activities. The Tourism Bureau also sets up 2 floating docks for visitors to enter the water; they are located at Hedong Road between Zhongzheng Bridge and Qixian Bridge, and Hexi Road between Kaohsiung Bridge and Zhongzheng Bridge, providing participants with better quality and safer water sports environment.
主題市集的體驗活動 (1)好玩的霓虹市集In addition, Liuhe Interceptor Station, located beside Lide Baseball Stadium, will have pop-up stores of SUP and canoes, where operators will provide rental services of SUP, canoes and windsurf boards from November 2020 to the end of February 2021. Water activities will be organized from time to time, and by demonstrating the operation of recreational water activities, the government aims to attract more operators into the industry.
  • Water sports enthusiasts gather at Love River to celebrate the grand opening of “Love River Water Party”
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