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“Donors’ Homecoming” and “Conservation Tour’s Final Stop”, Shou Shan Zoo invites you to take part in ecological conservation!

Post date:2020-12-06
“Donors’ Homecoming” and “Conservation Tour’s Final Stop”, Shou Shan Zoo invites you to take part in ecological conservation!
Since the launch of the “Animal Support Program” by Shou Shan Zoo in 2015, the program is now into its 5th year. The first “Donors’ Homecoming” educational event is specially held on December 6th. The event attracts many adults and children, where they try their hand together at painting “animal galaxy” and “animal fan”. Another highlight is the animal jungle workshop, where participants make use of the zoo’s natural resources to make the animal landscape collage. The final stop of this year’s “Animal Conservation Tour” is Shou Shan Zoo, where Director Hsuan-chih Chuang shares the heartwarming projects launched this year. The project enables the public to understand the importance of animal conservation and the zoo’s mission. He thanks the public for their long-term support and funding of the animals, making possible the completion of these tasks.
動物園教育推廣活動According to the director of the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, Chou, Ling-Wen, Shou Shan Zoo’s “Animal Support Program” has been carried out for several years, attracting nearly 3,500 donors of individuals and enterprises. Shou Shan Zoo organizes “Donors’ Homecoming” event by inviting the donors to return to the zoo to visit the animals that they support, as well as enjoy the exciting performances at the event. She hopes that more people and enterprises will continue to participate in the program in the future, playing a part in native species restoration and ecological sustainability.
感謝動物認養計劃參與者Today’s “Donors’ Homecoming” educational activities include the children’s favorite “Shou-Q Family”, free DIY animal galaxy painting and animal fan, and animal jungle workshops. The “Animal Conservation Tour”, which receives great response, has visited 5 schools this year and trained nearly 650 animal conservation envoys. Their final stop is the zoo, where they share knowledge on animal conservation and ecology with the public. Director Chuang also introduces the “Heartwarming Project - Rescue Endangered Animals” launched this year, including the heartwarming stories on how the zoo helped to take in the Sun bear, Formosan black bear and Bengal tiger. For instance, sun bear “May” had been kept in an iron cage at a private rearing facility over a long period of time, and as its forelimb claws were plucked for some reasons, it has lost its ability to survive in the wild. The zoo provided May with a better care and living environment, professional medical care, as well as rearing and animal-friendly living space. By sharing the process of taking in these animals, the public can understand the importance of ecological conservation.
大小朋友一同動手製作動物星空畫及動物扇子Free admission to Shou Shan Zoo will be granted till December 31, 2020. While playing a part in conservation, the public is also treated with attractive lucky draw prizes in today’s event, which include Switch, microwave, electric stove, etc., as well as one children’s bicycle. The zoo invites the public to visit the zoo with their family and friends.
  • “Donors’ Homecoming” and “Conservation Tour’s Final Stop”, Shou Shan Zoo invites you to take part in ecological conservation!