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Liouguei Hot Spring and Flower Viewing, Fun Kaohsiung ~ Lets’ go!

Post date:2021-01-29
Liouguei Hot Spring and Flower Viewing, Fun Kaohsiung~Lets’ go!
The period from winter to early spring is the season of plum and cherry blossom in the Baolai area, Liouguei District, Kaohsiung City. Kaohsiung’s autumn-winter tourism ambassador Tai Tzu-ying was at Liouguei District for the hot spring, flower viewing and promotional video shooting. She visited the Heart of Liouguei, Liouguei Great Buddha, Qishan Old Street, savored local alpine tea and specialty cuisines, and experienced the charm of the unique mountainous backyard in eastern Kaohsiung.
2 (2)Director of the Tourism Bureau, Chou, Ling-Wen said, “Fun Kaohsiung ~ Let’s go!” video shot last October featuring Tai Tzu-ying has received an enthusiastic response. Eastern Kaohsiung backyard is full of unique local charm, and comprises attractions such as “Shen Wei Tien Tai Mountain”, “Eighteen Arhats Mountain”, “Rainbow Buddha”, “The Heart of Liouguei”, “Di Yuan Temple”, “Butterfly Valley”, “Miaotong Temple”, “Baolai Street”, etc. We invited Tai Tzu-ying once again to visit Liouguei and shoot the “Liouguei expands your imagination” promotional video.
3 (2)Besides the Baolai area in Liouguei, Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau also mapped out six themed routes, comprising: “Tour by LRT”, “KRT Red Line Cultural and Historical Tour” and “KRT Orange Line Travel through Time”; “Coastal Tour” to experience the charm of northern Kaohsiung’s fishing port and fresh seafood; “Landscape and Ecology Tour” to explore Kaohsiung’s unique landscapes; “East Kaohsiung Slow Food Tour” to dig deeper into the nine districts of eastern Kaohsiung, by embarking on a hot spring tour, flower viewing, Meinong’s Hakka culture and Maolin’s Purple Crow Butterflies.
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