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Bon Appétit! Kaohsiung 60 Trendy Restaurants and Bars Tickle Your Taste Buds, with Top Chefs Striving for Michelin Stars!

Post date:2022-01-14
Bon Appétit! Kaohsiung 60 Trendy Restaurants and Bars Tickle Your Taste Buds, with Top Chefs Striving for Michelin Stars!
The “Red Bible” Michelin Guide announces incorporating Kaohsiung into the cities of evaluation in 2022, and “2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival” is also back at Kaohsiung after 20 years, starting from February 1st to February 28th. While enjoying the most spectacular Taiwan Lantern Festival in history, the public can also savor world-class trendy food in Kaohsiung. “Bon Appétit! Kaohsiung”, featuring restaurants and bars, is launched by the Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government. It invites 60 unique restaurants to join Kaohsiung food map and works with the well-known OTA (Online Travel Agent) KKday, Taiwan High Speed Rail, and travel agencies in developing featured itineraries, and with Line Taxi in providing discount transport vouchers. The public can enjoy a convenient and comfortable feast for the eyes and taste buds in Kaohsiung, with value for money food, accommodation, and transport well taken care of. S__370385609

According to the director of the Tourism Bureau, Chou Ling-wen, every trip begins with “eating”. To experience the charm of a city, you’ll never go wrong by basing the theme on the dining table of the locals. Since Michelin announced the inclusion of Kaohsiung into its cities of evaluation, the operators have been gearing up. Kaohsiung has rich and diverse high-quality delicacies ranging from various types of local snacks such as the salted crispy chicken, to hot pot which can be taken in both summer and winter. The Tourism Bureau spares no effort in promoting Kaohsiung’s high quality local delicacies to the world. Coinciding with “2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival”, the public can, after enjoying a feast of light, embark on a food trip with their friends at restaurants and bars to savor the cuisines carefully prepared by the chefs. The Tourism Bureau added that they had invited 60 featured restaurants and bars hidden in various parts of Kaohsiung to this event and launched “Kaohsiung food journey map!”眺吧餐酒館的行政主廚藍祖榕先生,現場示範【Bon Appétit ! Kaohsiung高雄餐盤發見計畫】期

covering featured themes such as fine dining, restaurants and bars, Japanese BBQ, Speakeasy bars, etc. They include the gorgeous and elegant PAVO Lounge Bistro which features a simple luxury and Nanyang style at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel, and was a hit on the internet when it opened; Flamma Steak House at Grand Hi-Lai Hotel which rediscovers the wonders of local ingredients; Belon, which offers an unobstructed view of the Asia New Bay Area, and Thomas Chien Restaurant, hidden in Kaohsiung Software Technology Park, which is the first in southern Taiwan to be certified by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. Today’s event also invited chefs from 11 trendy restaurants and bars, including Inn Roast, GIRAR bar & restaurant, Mini Enclave, Gien Jia, MÚO Steakhouse, Le Bon Marché, The Lookout Bistro & Bar, Kaohsiung Indigo Pier No.1 rooftop bar, Thomas Chien’ LA ONE Kitchen, Thomas Chien Café, Marsalis Bar and STAGE 5, to demonstrate their specialty cuisines. Among them, the chef from The Lookout Bistro & Bar demonstrated the making of the grazing black pig Tomahawk with pomelo pepper chicken sauce, while the chef from MÚO Steakhouse demonstrated the making of the crispy quail pie. These are all new cuisines developed specially for this event. The characteristics and extraordinary culinary ingenuity presented by the restaurants create a feast for the eyes and taste buds for the public.MÚO Steakhouse 直火柴燒牛排館李中煜主廚現場示範期間【Bon Appétit ! Kaohsiung高雄餐盤發見計

The Tourism Bureau also invited well-known Youtubers, including celebrity couple Gigi and Stanley, the young and popular star - Snowbaby, and trendy mommy and host Scarlett Chang, to Kaohsiung restaurants and bars to savor the delicacies, each visiting their favorite restaurants and bars during the event with their exclusive Kaohsiung food itinerary.現場KOL推薦【Bon Appétit ! Kaohsiung高雄餐盤發見計畫】期間限定菜單

 While enjoying Bon Appétit! Kaohsiung, they will also make their recommendations to the public. In addition, “KKday promotion” exclusive for Kaohsiung also combines delicacies with itinerary for the first time. Besides the 11 participating restaurants and bars, three restaurants and bars, KW2-Zhangmen Brewery, Marley Saloon and Zhuyinbar are also launching limited time menus by reservation only. Do make your reservations before the restaurants become too popular after earning their Michelin stars. In addition to KKday, THSR Holiday, THSR and Hotel joint ticket, and Colatour are also cooperating with restaurants and bars in launching itineraries and promotions in line with the lantern festival, while Line Taxi is also giving out transport vouchers. Do visit Kaohsiung to enjoy the art of light during the new year and lantern festival, savor the signature delicacies at the restaurants and bars, and discover the charm of Kaohsiung.