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New zipline park in the Lotus Pond Children's Park debuts with the longest 30-meter zipline in southern Taiwan, adding a splash of fun for Children’s Day!

Post date:2022-04-01
New zipline park in the Lotus Pond Children's Park debuts with the longest 30-meter zipline in southern Taiwan, adding a splash of fun for Children’s Day!
The Kaohsiung City Government greeted Children’s Day with a special gift for all children! The longest 30-meter zipline facility in southern Taiwan has been newly added in the Lotus Pond Children's Park. Local councilors from Zuoying and Nanzih Districts, including: Chen Li-Chen, Chen Mei-Jyuan, Li Mei-Jhen, Li Ya-Hui, Li Ya-Fen, Li Bo-Yi, Chen Shan-Hui, and Huang Wen-Chih, as well as a number of village chiefs attended the opening ceremony today (April 1st), in which there were performances by the Lion Dance Troupe of Chiu-Cheng Elementary School and the Taiko Drum Team from Ping-Shan Elementary School to commence the celebrations. An exclusive fair was also staged for children to eat and play, with a variety of interesting game facilities and a large inflatable castle to make it an enjoyable occasion for all children.小朋友搶先體驗溜索樂園 
Director Chou Ling-Wen noted that the Lotus Pond in Zuoying is a famous scenic attraction in Kaohsiung, and the Children's Park at its northeast corner is the first inclusive children's park in the City built by the Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, which covers an area of about 3.7 hectares. Suitable for children ages 6 to 12, the Park is intended to become a good location for both parents and children to have fun together. Public toilets and hand- and feet-washing facilities have been installed around the Park's trails. Various special game facilities are also available, including: nest swings, colorful waterpipes through molehills, balance beams, a six-meter-high net climber, large sand pit, talk tubes, etc. More new and fun facilities for the specific terrain relief of the Park are already down the pipeline to make this Children's Park one of the renowned feature parks in Taiwan. 
According to the Tourism Bureau, in an effort to diversify and enrich the Park’s children’s facilities, hence this 30-meter zipline playground, also known as the longest children's zipline facility in southern Taiwan. It combines with the original game facilities of the Park and expands the possibilities and opportunities for play exploration to offer an upgrade to the Lotus Pond Children's Park. It has an excellent location, connecting the waterfront of the Lotus Pond to the THSR Zuoying Station. Since inclusive play facilities have been added to the Park, they have attracted many parents to visit with their children during the holidays. The Park also connects with the surrounding attractions, such as the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, the Confucius Temple and delicious eateries in the old town of Zuoying. 
To celebrate the arrival of Children's Day, the Tourism Bureau has arranged a fair especially for children, where children’s favorites such as egg pancakes, crepe, Yakult, marble soda, and sculpted balloons are available. Many children came to the Lotus Pond with their parents after school hours to try out ziplining for the first time, commented positively on its appeal and fun and said that they would come back to play again during the holidays. The Tourism Bureau pointed out that an inflatable castle has been installed from 10:00 to 18:00 daily over the Ching Ming Festival and Children's Day four-day long holiday to bring more joy to children. Parents are welcome to bring their children to play to their heart’s content. For more up-to-date information, please visit https://khh.travel.