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The Annual Neimen Song Jiang Battle Array Concludes With an Exhilarating Cross-over Collaboration Between Traditional Battle Array and Innovative Street Dancing

Post date:2022-04-06
The Annual Neimen Song Jiang Battle Array Concludes With an Exhilarating Cross-over Collaboration Between Traditional Battle Array and Innovative Street Dancing
The "2022 Kaohsiung Neimen Song Jiang Battle Array," which has been held for seven holidays in two consecutive weeks, came to a perfect end yesterday (April 5th) with water dance and splendid fireworks at the Neimen Shunxian Temple. To attract tourists with the manifold charms of Song Jiang Battle Array, 40 teams performed in the spirit of street dance battle, including tīn-thâu groups, creative Song Jiang Battle Array school teams, as well as street dance and hip pop performances, bringing the audience a sumptuous feast of martial arts, drumming, music, and dance. Song Jiang Battle Array is not just a temple fair but a gathering of people who love their hometown and Taiwan's traditional folk culture. Young, innovative elements have been added to expand the tradition into unique performance art in Neimen.
Chou Ling-Wen, Director of the Tourism Bureau, commented that this year's performances reimagined tradition by incorporating breakdance, a sport that will make its Olympic debut. We invited B-Boy Quake, an athlete in the national team at the 2022 Asiad, and the University of Taipei Breakdance Group for a refreshing Neimen Song Jiang Battle Array. Other performing groups, namely the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, the Chung-Hwa School of Arts from Kaohsiung, Shih Chien University, and the Neimen Primary School Battle Array, were also invited to create new sparks in the traditional art. Song Jiang Battle Array will become much more, and this new synthesis will attract more people to Neimen for cultural appreciation and sightseeing. Famed Kaohsiung-born lyricist Adam Hsu and B.T.O.D. co-wrote the theme song "Majestic Song Jiang," celebrating Song Jiang Battle Array as the embodiment of "essence, breath, and spirit." The music video includes the triple awardee Tendrum Art Percussion Group. The drumming and dance complemented each other, making the live closing performance a jaw-dropping one.
Besides the marvelous performances, the festival also invited Taiwan’s four best chefs from the catering business to throw a grand "Song Jiang Banquet": Huang Jing-long from Taipei, one of the Top 10 Asia Pacific Chefs; "Chef Long" Tang Fu-long from Kaohsiung’s Neimen with over 40 years of experience; "Chef Ji" Wu Yi-xiong; and "Chef Mei-hua" Chen Mei-hua. Not only was it a large outdoor banquet, but it was also the only post-pandemic occasion when we could enjoy a traditional Taiwanese feast and experience Taiwanese spirit, Kaohsiung value, and Neimen culture. The promotion of the Song Jiang Banquet increased the popularity of Neimen’s catering dishes. During the event, many restaurants saw people queuing up to buy banquet dishes in Neimen. Visitors said that braised pork belly and minced pork over sticky rice are the must-tries and perfect souvenirs in Neimen.
We also brought back the popular cultural guided tours. Working with Lô-hàn-mn̂g Cultural Association and Chi-Mei Community University, we offered two in-depth bus tours daily in Neimen and Qishan and a walking tour in the Shunxian Temple. The tours covered the Seven-star Pagoda, a religious symbol seen as the energy center of the Zizhu Temple; the century-old historical residence of the Hong family in traditional Minnan courtyard style; the Hengshan Song Jian Museum, which is maintained by the Sanping Community Development Association to unite the community through promoting the Song Jian Battle Array; Gushan Park, built on the site of Gushan Shrine along the local terrain, and the Qishan pebble embankment built with honeycomb masonry method. Participants all described these tours as fun, educational, and unforgettable. Hong Qing-chi, Executive Secretary of Lô-hàn-mn̂g Cultural Association, and Lin Shu-gui, President of the Nature Club at Chi-Mei Community University, encourage history buffs to reserve a tour for an authentic Neimen experience.
The five sessions of breathtaking water dance and firework performances organized by the Shunxian Temple attracted photographers to arrive early for the best shots. The City Government also arranged shuttle buses at THSR Zuoying Station to facilitate transportation to this annual festival of Neimen. Tourists are encouraged to stay overnight to visit other eastern Kaohsiung attractions, such as pink shower trees in Meinong and Liugui, or fireflies in Namasia, to boost the local economy. We appreciate your support for Song Jiang Battle Array! Best wishes to everyone!
For more event photos, visit the "高雄內門宋江陣 Neimen Song Jiang Battle Array" Facebook page, or go to https://khh.travel/ for traveling options.
  • The Annual Neimen Song Jiang Battle Array Concludes With an Exhilarating Cross-over Collaboration Between Traditional Battle Array and Innovative Street Dancing
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