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Stars shine in Kaohsiung for the world Michelin Guide 2022 unveils Kaohsiung’s 2 One-Star restaurants, 17 Selected restaurants and 20 Bib Gourmand restaurants A star chasing craze by visitors from home and abroad is about to spark off in the harbor city

Post date:2022-08-30
Stars shine in Kaohsiung for the world Michelin Guide 2022 unveils Kaohsiung’s 2 One-Star restaurants
In the highly anticipated “The Michelin Guide 2022, Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung,” starred restaurants are unveiled today! Mayor Chen Chi-Mai said that this is the first year Kaohsiung is included in the cities of assessment in the “Red Bible”, which is the greatest encouragement and recognition for the food and beverage industry. Kaohsiung saw 2 restaurants successfully win the Michelin star this year. Liberté and SHO, who both have Japanese Michelin DNA, won the Michelin One-Star award. In addition, 17 restaurants were in the Michelin Selected list, and 20 won the Bib Gourmand, which was released last week. There are a total of 39 restaurants named in the history of Michelin, bringing Kaohsiung’s cuisines to the world.
2022米其林入選餐廳Marc L³
According to Mayor Chen Chi-Mai, Kaohsiung’s visibility has increased significantly in the past 2 years, attracting many local and overseas companies and talents to settle in Kaohsiung, which also brought about different kinds of food culture, and a corresponding increase in demand for high-end dining. As a result, many emerging international hotels and restaurants have been setting up in Kaohsiung, and the food and beverage development gradually moves towards internationalization. Recently, many Michelin starred restaurants or restaurants with starred chefs are being set up here, which shows that Kaohsiung’s food and beverage has a strong momentum. The long-awaited Michelin star list announced today put the name of Kaohsiung’s starred restaurants into the Red Bible. Kaohsiung has 2 One-Star Michelin restaurants, 17 Michelin Selected restaurants, and 20 Bib Gourmand restaurants. It pushes Kaohsiung’s delicacies to a new height, bringing them to the world and attracting more local and overseas tourists.
Chou Ling-Wen, Director of the Tourism Bureau, also pointed out that travel includes finding beautiful scenery and savoring delicious food. Kaohsiung’s food and beverage has developed from local snacks to high-end fine-dining restaurants, which shows that Kaohsiung’s delicacies are rich and diverse. Last year, the Tourism Bureau collaborated with restaurant operators in preparing for the Michelin by organizing the “Star Catching Guide - Kaohsiung Michelin Tour” sharing session. Early this year, it invited the City’s 60 restaurants, bars and high-end restaurants with potential to catch the stars, in publishing the “Bon Appétit! Kaohsiung” map. In April, starred chef André Chiang was also invited to share his experiences and ideas on various culinary creations, providing many valuable opinions and recommendations for Kaohsiung food and beverage operators.  The list of Michelin Starred and Selected restaurants announced today includes: Liberté and SHO, the 2 One-Star winners, as well as Majesty, Thomas Chien, Stage 5, Ukai-tei, Marc L³, Nibbon, etc., which can already be found on the Bon Appétit! Kaohsiung map and have caught the attention of gourmets and judges. The 17 restaurants in Michelin Selected list also include: Fuyuan, Hung Tao Shanghainese Dumpling, Opus One, Capstone Steakhouse, Crab’s House, Hai Guang, Chang Sheng 29, Tainan Wang, White Gourd and Fat Person, Ça marche and Good Crab House.
The Tourism Bureau said that two restaurants in Kaohsiung, Liberté and SHO, which were included in the evaluation for the first time, received the promising One-Star award. Liberté is a fine dining restaurant in Kaohsiung which originated from Tokyo. Chef Kenji Takeda, who used to work in France, is skilled at combining local ingredients with special seasoning, temperature control and time control. His works are bold in colors, rich in layers, and portray the exquisite changes of seasons; they are truly classic. The other One-Star award winner, SHO, the first overseas sister restaurant of DEN, a Japanese restaurant, is another high-end restaurant that has attracted much attention in Kaohsiung in the last two years. Chef Fujimoto Shoichi sources ingredients of the seasons and the 24 solar terms from various places of Taiwan, incorporating his lively and interesting personality into the exquisite and classic cuisines, and fully unleashing the unique characteristics of Taiwan’s ingredients. Both restaurants became Michelin Starred restaurants, successfully winning the honor for Kaohsiung.
The Tourism Bureau added that besides the newly listed Michelin restaurants, among the more than 20,000 Kaohsiung cuisines recommended by the country’s gourmets in the earlier held “Kaohsiung Daily Food 366” delicacy nomination event with 13 themes, many have also successfully been awarded the Bib Gourmand. The delicacies range from local snacks, featured restaurants and bars to high-end restaurants. Subsequently, through celebrities’ recommendations and big data analysis such as “online delicacy platform” and “hot keyword search”, 366 flavors of happiness that represent Kaohsiung will be selected. Visitors to Kaohsiung can satisfy their taste buds by trying one delicacy per day based on the 366 recommendation list.