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Border Reopens in October. Check-in Kaohsiung for Stunning Home Away from Home

Post date:2022-09-24
Border Reopens in October. Check-in Kaohsiung for Stunning Home Away from Home
International tourism is ushering in a new dawn, and the tourism industry in Kaohsiung is getting excited! Following Japan's announcement to lift the ban on restriction-free travel on October 11th and resume visa-free measures, Taiwan's borders, which have been closed for a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is expected to be lifted on October 13th. Kaohsiung City Government has made every effort to promote new type tourism and boost its energy post-pandemic: establishments of international hotels in Kaohsiung, delicious Michelin-recommended dining institutions, transformation of urban landscape, construction of world-class facilities, development of software and hardware for scenic areas, and promotion of tourist attractions and events with international appeal, etc. The government's effort has already attracted the attention of international tourists visiting Kaohsiung, boosting its reputation. Kaohsiung City upholds its consistent desire to warmly welcome travelers from all over the world to check-in at Kaohsiung again. Come check out the newly transformed Kaohsiung's beautiful mountain, sea, river, port, and city, get hooked by the Kaohsiung cuisine, and write about wonderful travel memories of Kaohsiung.
Kaohsiung City Mayor, Chen Chi-Mai, stated that with the border opening, the pandemic prevention work will be adjusted while the post-pandemic revitalization plan will be accelerated at the same time. In response to COVID-19 shifting toward a more community-based and flu-like pandemic, the gradual return to normalcy will bring new opportunities to the domestic economy and international tourism. The city government had started to organize many international-scale tourism activities during the pandemic, such as Taiwan National Day event last year, and Taiwan Lantern Festival, Neimen Song Jiang Battle Array, and Qijin Black Sand Festival, Taiwan Cultural Expo, and the Three Golden Awards (Golden Horse Awards, Golden Melody Awards, and Golden Bell Awards), etc., this year. There is also the Taiwan Design Expo that starts this October. Through overall packaged marketing and online diffusion, Kaohsiung's visibility has reached the international stage, and the international tourists' inquiries of Kaohsiung have surged. International hotels, such as the Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel, InterContinental Kaohsiung, and Hotel Nikko Kaohsiung, are optimistic about Kaohsiung's international tourism potential and have entered the City one after the other. Kaohsiung now has the capacity to greet large groups of international passengers. As the gateway to the sea, Kaohsiung also offers Kaohsiung Lighthouse, Kaohsiung Music Center, Love River Bay, the Great Harbor Bridge, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), Kaohsiung International Marina, Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal, and other international-level sightseeing highlights. Coupled with 39 gourmet restaurants in Kaohsiung as new additions in the Michelin Guide 2022 for the first time, it will definitely attract even more international tourists to come and taste the amazing Kaohsiung cuisine.
Chou Ling-Wen, Director of the Tourism Bureau, explained that the Tourism Bureau has already started to work with many travel industry players to prepare for the border reopening. During the pandemic, in addition to working together with the travel industry for COVID-19 prevention, the Tourism Bureau has also planned many international sightseeing activities, continued to improve the software and hardware facilities at various scenic spots, and strengthened the ability to receive visitors, to comprehensively upgrade Kaohsiung's tourism resources. Prior to the border reopening, the bureau also kept close contact with overseas sister cities and international office units to provide them with the latest Kaohsiung tourism resources for publicity. Additionally, the bureau also cooperated with the hotel and tourism industries to properly implement various COVID-19 prevention measures to promote safe travel services, providing international tourists with serenity, safety, security, a "Triple Safe" traveling environment, and taking the lead in post-pandemic international tourism.
The Tourism Bureau further stated that the border reopening is the beginning of a new era in tourism. Kaohsiung has a unique geographical advantage for transportation: land, sea, and air. The entire City and various industries are actively working to meet the business opportunities of post-pandemic international tourism. China Airlines, EVA Air, Tigerair Taiwan, and internationally renowned cruise lines will also apply to resume their Kaohsiung routes. Relevant tourism agencies have begun to recruit personnel, repackaging tourism products, and reopening their global channels. Through the connection of tourism industry resources, higher service value and quality will be created. By combining the influence of the government and the industry players, Kaohsiung's international tourism reputation and popularity will soar, and assure its place as a first-tier international tourist city. Kaohsiung: Local Feel, International Appeal.
  • Border Reopens in October. Check-in Kaohsiung for Stunning Home Away from Home