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Kaohsiung's international tourism shines as the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas and Asia New Bay Area made their appearance in Hungarian and Japanese travel magazines

Post date:2023-03-16
Kaohsiung's international tourism shines as the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas and Asia New Bay Area made their appearance in Hungarian and Japanese travel magazines
Kaohsiung is making great strides in international tourism! In an effort to promote post-pandemic tourism and increase Kaohsiung's visibility in the European and American international travel markets, the Kaohsiung City Tourism Bureau has joined forces with Taiwan's representative office in Hungary to promote international tourism. The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas of Kaohsiung's Lotus Pond are featured on the cover of Hungary's largest travel magazine, Világjáró. The magazine also dedicated a two-page spread to introduce Kaohsiung's unique cultural features and landscapes. This marks a major breakthrough for Kaohsiung in promoting its tourism market in Europe and an important starting point for Kaohsiung's tourism in the European market. Additionally, the Tourism Bureau collaborated with Taiwan Visitors Association to publicize the stunning night views of Kaohsiung's Asia New Bay Area on the back cover of the Japanese edition of "Taiwan Tourism" monthly for March and April.
圖1.高雄國際觀光大放異彩 龍虎塔與亞灣躍上匈、日旅遊專刊
Világjáró, Hungary's largest travel magazine, featured the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas of Zuoying Lotus Pond on the cover of its March "International Travel Fair Special Issue”. The magazine praised Kaohsiung as Taiwan's trendiest city in culture and arts in a two-page article, describing Kaohsiung's successful transformation from an industrial city to a cultural capital. Many factories that were originally used for industrial purposes have been converted into art galleries or theaters, while the former Kaohsiung port area now features many world-class architectural marvels. The magazine is available not only in major bookstores, newsstands and convenience stores in Hungary, but also at the European travel fairs. Additionally, articles praising Kaohsiung's tourism are visible across Europe through Világjáró’s official website and Facebook, as well as the Facebook of Taiwan's representative office in Hungary.
Director Minlin Kao of the Tourism Bureau stated that Kaohsiung's dazzling sunshine, diverse culture and rich natural landscapes are indeed very attractive to European and American tourists. As international pandemic restrictions ease and travel bans are lifted, the Tourism Bureau is actively seeking new marketing channels and working hard to develop the travel market to promote Kaohsiung's international tourism and increase its visibility in European and American travel markets. Kao expressed special thanks to Shih-Chung Liu, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' representative office in Hungary, for his tremendous assistance in pushing Kaohsiung's Dragon and Tiger Pagodas to the cover of Hungary's largest travel magazine, Világjáró. The magazine's two-page spread introducing Kaohsiung is especially a major breakthrough for the City in the European tourist market. According to Kao, Világjáró portrays Kaohsiung as a charming harbor city, blending diverse cultural, religious and artistic attractions. These include Love River, Pier-2 Art Center, Cijin Beach, Asia New Bay Area's nightscape, Fo Guang Shan, and the unique geological landscapes of the Tianliao Moon World mud volcanoes. The magazine also highlights Kaohsiung's delectable local cuisine and vibrant night markets, encouraging visitors to stay longer and explore the City in depth.
Furthermore, the Tourism Bureau has cooperated with Taiwan Visitors Association to promote the dazzling night view of Kaohsiung Port in the Japanese edition of "Taiwan Tourism" for March and April, targeting the Japanese market.  In the future, Kaohsiung tourism information will be available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' offices in Osaka, Fukuoka and Naha, the Tourism Bureau's offices in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as in Taiwan Trade Centers, prefecture offices of Kumamoto and Nagasaki, airline offices, and major travel agencies in Japan. This collaboration marks a new chapter in international tourism exchange between Kaohsiung and Japan in the post-pandemic era.
The opening of borders signals the beginning of a new era in travel. Kaohsiung boasts unique advantages in land, sea and air transportation, making it a rare international tourism destination with exceptional convenience. The Tourism Bureau stated that the collaboration with the representative office in Hungary and the Taiwan Visitors Association aims to increase Kaohsiung's visibility in the European and Japanese travel markets. The Bureau has recently invited representatives from the American Institute in Taiwan Kaohsiung Branch, sister cities like Portland (United States), Kumamoto Prefecture (Japan), and Suwon City (South Korea) to attend events including the Lotus Pond Lantern Festival and the Neimen Song Jiang Battle Array. These initiatives will continue to expand Kaohsiung's city tourism marketing through city diplomacy and international exchanges.
Director Kao said that they will continue to connect and strengthen city diplomacy and international exchange channels with Taiwan's overseas representative offices, Kaohsiung's sister cities, and foreign missions in Taiwan. The goal is to promote Kaohsiung as a first-tier international tourist city and market the city's tourism advantages and highlights to the world.