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Post-pandemic trends in tourism and leisure. Sports tourism the rage in the City of Kaohsiung Port.

Post date:2023-06-25
Post-pandemic trends in tourism and leisure. Sports tourism the rage in the City of Kaohsiung Port.
After the pandemic, people are eager to go outdoors, increasingly longing for leisure sports. The trend of tourism integrating sports is the rage now. According to Kao Min-Lin, Director of the Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, the City Government has been actively promoting diversified sports tourism activities in recent years, enabling visitors to experience the many aspects of Kaohsiung’s charm by embracing mountains, seas, rivers, or ports. Whether you are pursuing excitement or are an outdoor enthusiast who prefers slow travel, there is a perfect way for you. Get to know and experience Kaohsiung by cycling, water activities (including surfing, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), canoeing, cable wakeboarding, etc.), mountain climbing, hiking and doing other adventure activities.

Kao Min-Lin stated that in line with the Executive Yuan's "2050 Net Zero Emissions" goal, sustainable and low-carbon tourism has become the most popular tourism trend. Cycling tourism is currently one of the best-received activities to experience the City. With the YouBike that can be rented and returned anywhere at any time, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Kaohsiung at their own pace. After rails moved underground, the century-old 15.37-kilometer-long railroad has turned into a green corridor; it is a good spot for citizens to cycle with the wind and experience the City. The Tourism Bureau has also planned many cross-district cycling itineraries based on the characteristics of various districts. The most popular itineraries are Love River Yawan and Lotus Pond Scenic Area. Besides riding a bicycle to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, visitors can also taste the gourmet snacks hidden in the alleys and enjoy the world-renowned urban landscape architecture and strong artistic, religious, and historical atmosphere. Kaohsiung's first "Ride with the Wind'' cycling event starts on May 13th in Gangshan this year. Combining aesthetics and innovation, the "2023 Gangshan Basket Bazaar'' takes everyone to experience the most fashionable basket (luokuang) market culture that dates back to 200 years ago.
Kao Min-Lin further pointed out that for people who like to play in water, the water recreations in the Love River, Lotus Wake Park, and Cijin Beach are also the key points of Kaohsiung water sports tourism. To implement the central government's "Salute to the Sea" policy and the City Government's "Return the River to the People" policy, parts of Love River have been opened in phases since 2020. In the 5.7-kilometer canal from the old iron bridge (light rail bridge) of Love River to the heart of Love River, merely scanning the QR Code and registering with real names will enable visitors to get into the water for water activities such as SUP, canoeing, rafting, rowing, water bicycles, non-powered windsurfing. On March 31, 2023, the "Love River Bay Non-Powered Water Recreation Area" (near the light rail bridge, around the coral zone on the east side of Asia New Bay Area) was opened. Visitors can participate in water activities when carrying the above-mentioned buoyancy devices for open water activities, wearing life jackets that meet the regulations, and scan the QR code for real-name registration. Get ready for a summer full of Kaohsiung’s sizzling passion!
Cijin Beach, just opened in April and equipped with complete facilities for showering, changing, and storage, is the No. 1 choice for playing with the waves. Mr. Zheng, who has been running a surfing business in Cijin for a long time, said that the waves in Cijin are relatively small, which is very suitable for beginners to learn surfing. Cijin also attracts surfers from southern Taiwan to surf nearby. In addition, people who like to challenge their limits or experience the fun of water skiing may visit Lotus Wake Park, the first cable wake park of international standard in Taiwan, to enjoy the thrill of riding the wind and waves. In addition, the Lotus Wake Park also has the "Tots Land," which provides a high-quality recreational space for preschool children. In particular, the newly built indoor infinity pool is paired with indoor parent-child interactive courses. The comfortable environment is loved by visitors of all ages.

Kao Min-Lin added that for people who like to hike in the suburbs and enjoy the natural scenery, there are many family friendly trails in Kaohsiung, such as Chaishan Trail, Banpingshan Natural Park, Tianliao Dagangshan Trail, Moon World Landscape Trail, Dashe Guanyinshan Trail, and Mituo Luodishan Trail, to choose from and immerse yourself in phytoncides. Furthermore, there is Pulaixitou Tribe Historical Battle Trail around Liouguei’s Baolai Flower Park and Hot Springs. You can enjoy the hot springs and flowers in the Park after hiking. The Park is also equipped with urban adventurous exploration facilities. Multiple experiences of great heights allow you to enjoy challenges and adventures. The public is welcome to walk into the mountains and forests to breathe in the fresh air and create unique travel memories with nature.
The Tourism Bureau pointed out that after the pandemic, low-carbon and sustainable outdoor sports tourism has become the No. 1 choice. Through different sports experiences, whether it is cycling, water activities, urban adventures, etc., tourists can choose their own way to experience the charm of Kaohsiung City according to their preferred levels of stimulation and challenge. For more event information, please visit "Kaohsiung Travel" or search for "All Rides to Kaohsiung" Facebook fan page.