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Zoo Adoption Family Reunion: Exclusive Dining Offers at Guangshi Cafe for Shoushan Zoo Animal Adopters

Post date:2023-11-10
Zoo Adoption Family Reunion: Exclusive Dining Offe
(This news release has been translated by ChatGPT.)

Shoushan Zoo continues its efforts to enhance animal welfare through ongoing initiatives. Utilizing spatial transformations, the zoo has relocated chimpanzees from enclosed cages to open and comfortable environments. The previous enclosures have been repurposed into Guangshi Cafe, integrating the concept of life education. This transformation aims to provide visitors with a high-quality environment for both education and leisure, allowing them to enjoy meals and relaxation.

Tourism Bureau Director, Kao Min-lin, expressed that Shoushan Zoo is dedicated to continuously improving the environmental conditions of animal exhibits. There are plans in place to enrich the environments for both orangutans and chimpanzees. The public is encouraged to participate in animal adoption programs to collectively contribute to the enhancement of animal welfare.

In response to these initiatives, Guangshi Cafe is offering an additional promotion, the "Animal Forest Adventure," valid until the end of December. On weekdays, visitors presenting their animal adoption card can enjoy a complimentary main course for two when accompanied by another person.

圖2 憑動物認養卡兩人同行到光室咖啡免費招待一份主餐

Kao Min-lin stated that the "New Zoo Movement" is dedicated to enhancing animal welfare, focusing on three design principles: "Land of Animal Freedom," "Family Fun Paradise," and "Accessible Skywalk Corridor." The redesigned captive environment has received approval from representatives of the Veterinary Medical Association, Architects Association, and scholars in natural ecology. The overall space has also been honored with the Public Construction Gold Award and the "City Engineering Quality Gold Award" Special Excellence Gold Award. Recently, it was awarded the top prize in the "Taiwan Architecture Award."

Currently, the zoo is undertaking improvement work in the exhibition environments for animals such as Indian rhinoceroses and green monkeys. The zoo plans to allocate animal adoption funds to enhance facilities for animals like orangutans and chimpanzees, aiming to diversify their living environments and enable them to exhibit a broader range of behaviors within the zoo grounds.

圖5 黑猩猩「美珍」和「曼華」在樹梢享用特製火焰木花束

Furthermore, as a gesture of gratitude to friends who support animal adoption to enhance the quality of life and environment for the animals, Shoushan Zoo, in collaboration with Guangshi Cafe, invites animal adopters to revisit their "animal family" during weekdays until the end of December. Upon presenting a valid animal adoption card at Guangshi Cafe, one of the main courses, with a lower price, will be complimentary. Friends who have not yet applied for an animal adoption card can purchase admission tickets at the service center in the zoo and apply for animal adoption on-site.

The funds raised through animal adoption will be utilized to enhance the environmental facilities in the exhibition areas for animals such as orangutans and chimpanzees. Individuals with an adoption card can enjoy unlimited free entry to the zoo within one year. Additionally, this animal adoption card can be used for unlimited public transportation rides, allowing cardholders to explore Kaohsiung alongside their favorite animal stars featured on the card.

圖3 新版動物認養卡圖案為「動物大集合」

Currently, Shoushan Zoo has eliminated the need for advance reservations and opened diverse on-site and online ticketing channels. In addition to free admission for elementary school students and below in Kaohsiung, the zoo has introduced a half-price ticket promotion until the end of December. Due to limited parking space at the zoo, it is recommended to take bus number 56 directly from the MRT "Yanchengpu Station" or the Light Rail "Wenwu Shengdian Station" to reach the zoo.

The zoo welcomes individuals who wish to contribute to the well-being of animals to join the animal adoption program. Let's collectively strive for animal welfare by supporting the adoption initiative. Don't forget to like and follow Shoushan Zoo's Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated on the daily lives of the animals.