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World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bureau Collaborates with AsiaYo Computer to Create a New Technological Experience.

Post date:2023-11-15
World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu
(This news release has been translated by ChatGPT.)
World's First! The Kaohsiung City Government's Tourism Bureau, in collaboration with AsiaYo Computer and supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' A+ Enterprise Innovation R&D Enhancement Project, held a press conference on the 14th to announce the "Exploring a New World on Shoushan - 5G Technology New Experience." They have established the "5G Zoo Open Platform" at Shoushan Zoo, leveraging the high-speed, high-bandwidth, and low-latency characteristics of 5G. The initiative includes the launch of the Shoushan Zoo APP, providing digital park navigation. Moreover, it integrates augmented reality (AR) to offer interactive games such as taking photos and solving puzzles. This makes Shoushan Zoo the first in the world to become a "Smart Zoo" incorporating technology interaction and introducing smart tourism, providing visitors with a new technological experience.
圖2 探索壽山新世界啟動記者會大合照

Deputy Mayor Lin Qinrong stated that the Shoushan Zoo, recently recognized with the first prize at the Taiwan Architecture Award for its outstanding achievement among 293 entries, has once again become a highlight in Kaohsiung through the "New Zoo Movement" project. In recent years, the Kaohsiung City Government has been committed to transforming the Kaohsiung Asia New Bay Area into the largest 5G AIoT industry cluster in the country. Actively collaborating with the central government to promote various innovative application services, the city expresses gratitude to the international network communication giant, Askey Computer, and its collaborative team for establishing a presence in the Kaohsiung Asia New Bay Area. Together, they strive to shape a smart city.

In this endeavor, the Shoushan Zoo serves as a testing ground, evolving the Proof of Concept (POC) into Proof of Business (POB). Through the "Shoushan Zoo APP," visitors can navigate to the rhinoceros corridor, use AR glasses to view painted animals, and enjoy the intriguing experience of streaming live footage of African elephants' daily activities. They can also take AR photos with virtual white rhinoceroses along the way.

圖5 戴上AR眼鏡體驗虛實整合情境

Director Gao Minlin stated that Shoushan Zoo, recognized for its three major features: "Land of Animal Freedom," "Family Paradise," and "Barrier-Free Skywalk," has received accolades from the Veterinary Medical Association, Architects Association, and natural ecologists. It has also been honored with the Public Works Gold Award, City Engineering Quality Excellence Gold Award, and the first prize at the Taiwan Architecture Awards. Starting today, Shoushan Zoo is venturing into a new milestone by adding a fourth feature, "Smart Tourism."

Through the integration of 5G AIoT digital technology, the application of services enhances the richness of the Shoushan Zoo exhibition and park environment. It includes additional digital content services related to animals, interactive games rich in knowledge, and a new mode of tourism services. This not only opens up a new model for tourism services, providing visitors with a unique zoo experience, but also transforms Shoushan Zoo into a "Smart Zoo" that integrates technology and education for entertainment. It positions Kaohsiung as a smart city, pioneering a globally unique and excellent educational environment for life sciences.

圖7 歡迎遊客到動物園體驗5G新科技

Gao Minlin stated that through the establishment of a 5G private network and Location-Based Service (LBS) mobile positioning technology, visitors can easily navigate and plan their zoo tour by downloading the "Shoushan Zoo APP." By activating the park navigation service, visitors can efficiently locate and plan their route within the park. With automatic push notifications along the tour route, visitors can effortlessly access background information, comprehensive introductions to animals, and the latest information within the park. Moreover, during the zoo visit, visitors can take augmented reality (AR) photos with virtual celebrity animals, including the Taiwanese black bear, water deer, raccoon dog, African elephant, chimpanzee, guanaco, and white rhinoceros.

In addition to the free experiences mentioned, there are also paid game experiences in various areas of Shoushan Zoo, such as the guanaco corridor, black bear corridor, and rhinoceros corridor. These include activities like painting animals, stacking fruit towers, animal migration battles, reality puzzle games ("Puzzle Pack"), and interactive AR viewing of painted animals using AR glasses. For those unable to visit the zoo in person, there is the option to select the "Cloud Tour Shoushan" feature, allowing users to pay and watch live animal streaming during specific time slots.

圖10 專用手機呈現戴上AR眼鏡之畫面

Chairman Lin Cheng-Gui of ASUSTeK Computer expressed his honor in collaborating with Shoushan Zoo to contribute to Taiwan's and Kaohsiung's vision for smart city development. The project involves the deployment of a 5G private network and the integration of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi 6 technology. It incorporates innovative digital applications such as Augmented Reality (AR), 4K/8K streaming, live 360-degree broadcasts, and Location-Based Service (LBS) positioning. These technologies aim to provide zoo visitors with a new interactive experience, enriching their journey through the zoo.

圖8 AR動物明星同框
Shoushan Zoo added that ASUSTeK Computer has collaborated with park vendors. Visitors can purchase the "Shoushan AR Treasure Hunt GO" puzzle set at "White House" and use it with the Shoushan Zoo app for an augmented reality puzzle-solving experience. By following the pattern hints on the playing cards and combining them with information from the animal exhibit signage, visitors not only enhance their understanding of animal behaviors during the puzzle-solving process but also receive discounts on park merchandise upon successful completion.圖9 民眾搶先體驗5G互動遊戲
Shoushan Zoo is currently offering on-site and online ticket purchasing through various channels without the need for advance reservations. Visitors can enjoy a 50% discount on admission until the end of December. Due to limited parking space, it is recommended to take Bus 56 directly to the zoo from the MRT "Yanchengpu Station" or Light Rail "Wenwu Shengdian Station." The zoo welcomes individuals who wish to contribute to animal welfare by joining the animal adoption program. Follow and like Shoushan Zoo on Facebook and Instagram for real-time updates on the animals' daily lives.
  • World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu
  • World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu
  • World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu
  • World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu
  • World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu
  • World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu
  • World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu
  • World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu
  • World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu
  • World's First Smart Zoo! Kaohsiung City Tourism Bu