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Port City LIVE - Kaohsiung 4K Live Camera

The most classic view of Kaohsiung View Live Camera at any time

The most iconic sights in Kaohsiung-with the Lotus Pond and Shoushan Lovers' Viewing Platform as the starting point, the live camera video allows images to transcend time and space constraints. When the lotuses in Lotus Pond burst into full blooms, when huge ships pull into the harbor, when the city lights up at night, and when the traffic flows constantly, each and every wonderful moment of these exciting sceneries are delivered right to you!
  • Cijin (Qijin) Beach

    Cijin (Qijin) Beach

    As famous as its counterpart in Siziwan, the Cijin Beach invariably attracts many swimmers who fall over each other to register when it opens.
    The facilities within the Bathing Area are quite diverse: there are different leisure areas, including a scenic trail with sea views and a natural ecological area, as well as a cross-country area.

  • Shoushan Lovers' Viewing Platform

    Shoushan Lovers' Viewing Platform

    Located next to the Shoushan Martyrs’ Shrine, the unhindered panoramic view is a well-known night attraction in Kaohsiung City. The LOVE Megaphone, a huge installation art, is eye-catching white and a great spot for photographs. It has attracted many couples here to declare their love, and friends and families for happy gatherings and photos.
    In addition to the night view of the bustling city, the magnificent views of mountains, sea, and sunset are also fascinating in their uniqueness. Standing on the viewing platform, you can take in your fill of the port city, the 85 Sky Tower, Building, Sizihwan Bay, Kaohsiung Port, and Qijin, and enjoy the fun of gazing at ships and boats coming and going. It is an exciting experience rarely found in Taiwan.

  • Lianchihtan (Lotus Pond) Scenic Area

    Lianchihtan (Lotus Pond) Scenic Area

    Kaohsiung’s landmark attractions are surrounded by temples and rich in religious climate, among which the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas and the Spring and Autumn Pavilions are the most famous. The Wannian Folklore Festival in October each year is the most important folk cultural event in Kaohsiung. It is a very festive event that attracts many people.
    The legendary oriental mystic of the Lotus Pond makes it very popular among foreign tourists. It even earned a recommendation from the well-known US TV station CNN. With elegant fragrances wafting from the lotus flowers blooming along its edges and the spectacular Dragon and Tiger Pagodas reflected on its water, Lotus Pond is also a popular check-in spot on the Internet.
    Visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore the culture, but also enjoy afternoon tea by the lakeside, and take part in trendy water activities such as water skiing and SUP. It offers a blend of quiet and active experiences that will bring back rich memories.