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Transport Options in Kaohsiung City

Get to each corner of the City with all kinds of mass transportation

To experience the daily lives of Kaohsiung locals, you can take the MRT, LRT, or a bus, or rent a public bicycle simply with your iPass or EasyCard. There are also easier ways to experience the City’s unique charms, such as taking a Kaohsiung sightseeing bus (double-decker bus) or water recreation facilities.
Kaohsiung Metro
Kaohsiung Metro

Kaohsiung Metro

Currently, there are two routes, the red line and orange line, which meet at Formosa Boulevard Station. Trains operate at 5-10 min intervals. In order to provide passengers with a nice riding environment, smoking, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the station or on the train.

Must-Visit Stations

Kaohsiung MRT stations are also unique tourist attractions. Central Park Station integrates sunshine and greenery into its architecture; and you should not miss The Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard Station.

Formosa Boulevard Station
Light Rail Transit (LRT)
Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

The LRT stations are designed based on the concepts of comfort and the City’s image, and some characteristic stations are: Cianjhen Star, Cruise Terminal, Love Pier and Hamasen. It’s a new option for residents to commute and for visitors to tour the City. Moreover, it has become an eye-catching mobile landmark of the City.

  • Daily Operating Time: 07:00-22:00. Service Interval: 15 minutes

The ticket machine only sells one-way tickets; prepare enough change when purchasing the tickets.

City Bus
City Bus

City Bus

Besides regular buses of the main routes, there are also sightseeing buses, community shuttles and MRT shuttles. With high service frequency and reasonable fares, these buses provide passengers with a comprehensive service network.

+886-7-7497100 / +886-928-462188
Mileage Zone Fare

The fares of the city bus are charged based on mileage zones. Tap an applicable card against the card reader when getting on and off the bus. If one forgets to tap the card when alighting, the card will be locked.

Mileage Calculation: The trip equal to or shorter than 8 km will be charged for one mileage zone; the trip longer than 8 km will be charged for 2 zones.

Regular Ticket: NTD 12/zone

Kaohsiung Sightseeing Bus
Kaohsiung Sightseeing Bus

Kaohsiung Sightseeing Bus

Kaohsiung Sightseeing Bus, with the open top design, provides different choices of seat areas, including an air-conditioned area, an open top area and a semi-open sofa area. Furthermore, audio guide services in English, Japanese, and Korean are available. After choosing a seat you prefer, just sit tight and wait for Kaohsiung’s attractive views to unfold before you.


Adults:NTD 300; Sightseeing Bus + Love Boat

package: NTD 430.

Public Bicycle
Public Bicycle

Public Bicycle

YouBike is one of the best ways to visit the hidden attractions in Kaohsiung City. After registering your iPass or EasyCard on YouBike’s website or App, you can rent a YouBike on the street and start exploring the City freely.

Water Tour
City Center Ferry

City Center Ferry

It is the major transportation means between Kaohsiung and Cijin. By taking the ferry that is full of quaint charm, you will get to taste the delicious seafood and visit the old street in Cijin, experiencing this rare specialty of Kaohsiung tourism.

Route Information
Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No. 2 (KW2)─Cijin
  • Boarding Location:KW2 and Cijin Ferry Station
  • Operating Days:Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays

    KW2 Station:Depart at the exact hour and half-hour from 11:00 to 19:30.

    Cijin Ferry Station:First ferry departs at 11:15, and the others follow at half-hour intervals until 19:30.

  • Boarding Location::Gushan Ferry Station and Cijin Ferry Station
  • Trip Duration:5 minutes
  • Boarding Location:Cianjhen Ferry Station and Zhongzhou Ferry Station
  • Trip Duration:15 minutes
Where to Take the Ferry
Gushan Ferry Station
Cijin Ferry Station
Cianjhen Ferry Station
Zhongzhou Ferry Station
Xinguang Ferry Station
Cultural Cruise

Cultural Cruise

There are 5 routes connecting Kaohsiung City’s 3 must-visit attractions, namely The British Consulate at Takow, the Pier-2 Art Center and Hongmaokang Cultural Park, taking passengers to experience the local history, arts and culture.

Love Gondola

Love Gondola

Inspired by Venetian gondolas, the gorgeous Love Gondola will give you a trip of the Love River’s history and ecology and allow you to admire the riverside scenery from different angles.

18:00-23:00 (Services suspended on Wednesdays)
Boarding Location

at the platform across Kaohsiung District Court (No.188, Hedong Rd., Cianjing District)

Love River Solar-Powered Love Boat

Love River Solar- Powered Love Boat

One should not miss the experience of sailing on Love River under the blue sky. Since the route of Love River will take you through the bustling areas of the City, when night falls, the Love Boat sails along the riverfront neon lights. Listening to the interpretation of the enthusiastic tour guide, you will be able to feel the romance belonging only to this harbor city.